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30th April 2004Hon W H Drummond
I've just bought a book by the Hon W H Drummond.
His book is called 'The Large Game And Natural History of South and SE Africa', published by Edmonston and Douglas in Edinburgh in 1875.
Apparently he died in Zululand in July 1879. Can anyone tell me some more about this chap?


30th April 2004John Young

The Honourable William Henry Drummond, son of the 7th Viscount Strathallan, born in 1845.

Settled in South Africa in the early 1870's and appears to have made his living as a hunter, as well as being a civil servant in Natal.

He was 'unofficially engaged' to Miss Margaret MacLeroy, of Pietermaritzburg, 'unofficial' as her father George MacLeroy Snr. frowned on the proposed union, he apparently thought Drummond to be a wastrel, despite his noble birth.

Due to his knowledge of the Zulu language Drummond became an interpreter on the staff at the outbreak of the campaign. Eventually becoming the head of the 'Intelligence Department'.

After the Battle of Ulundi (oNdini) on 4th July, 1879, whilst he was riding through some huts which the group that he was with were setting ablaze, but he apparently lost his way in the labyrinth of passageways. He was never seen alive again. On 18th August, 1879, his charred corpse was found in the ashes of Ulundi (oNdini).

John Y.
30th April 2004Peter Ewart
Andy & John

According to Knight & Castle ("ZW Then & Now") it was presumed he had blundered into a group of Zulus "during the foray to Ulundi" because "his badly mutilated body was discovered by a patrol under Capt Macean, NNC, on 18th Aug." Apparently he was "at once buried close by the spot where he was found" but the grave has since been lost. Very slight differences with John's account but I don't know the separate sources used.

Not the only grave to have been lost, as I believe there were a couple of Hlobane victims buried by Wood in 1880 whose graves have seen been lost?

30th April 2004Peter Ewart
For Macean read Maclean.

3rd May 2004AMB
Peter & John,

Many thanks for your help. Fascinating.