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3rd May 2004Running the Gauntlet by George (Chops) Mossop
By Diane Rensch
Does anyone know where I can obtained a copy of this book? I would like to get it for my husband. We have been to Rorke's Drift and islandlwana twice and have acquired quite a few books on the subject, but can find no trace of this one.
Diane Rensch
3rd May 2004Peter Ewart

I'm not certain if it's considered rare but there appear to be few copies about. It is certainly sought after but comes up from time to time and if you look at <> which is a website containing the stocks of many second-hand booksellers worldwide, you'll find four copies offered, two first editions (1937) and two second editions (1990), one of each from a well-known S African dealer and one of each in the US.

Depending on the edition, it seems to be offered for between 40 and 300, which reflects the demand for any autobiographical literature relating (even if only partly) to the Anglo-Zulu War, although perhaps any other contributors to this forum can advise whether the 1990 edition ever appears for less than that price in the UK these days?