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4th May 2004Soldiers returning home
By Fred Garnier
What does happened to those who survived the Zulu war, even more those who had to fight against the Boers just after.
How was it when they were back in the civy?
Do we have testimonies of their reinsertion, their feelings, etc...?
4th May 2004Martin Everett
Dear Fred,
Not an easy one to answer. We always tend to look at life from a 21st century perspective and standards - benefits of a welfare state etc. What is difficult to judge is how the former soldiers fared with their civilian counterparts. There is no doubt that soldiers did permanently suffer from the rigours of campaigning and PTS in case of those involved at Rorke's Drift - William Jones VC and Robert Jones VC are good examples.

Perhaps the answer is to read 'The Noble 24th' and 'Rorke's Drift by those who were there' from this perspective. Also the ledgers in the National Archives WO116 which gives the applications for disability pensions after the AZW - each case is clearly recorded with reasons is a very good starting point. Your resulting research paper would, I am sure, make interesting reading.
6th May 2004Garnier Fred
Thank you for your reply, I'll try these books, but unfortunatly I won't be able to check the National Archives, as I'm living in France .
Anyway, I find with this site enough to satisfy my thirst of knowledge of this period. What I do appreciate much is the humbleness of those with great knowledge who are keen to share it with everybody.