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22nd May 2004martini henry bayonet marks and cost
By steve
can anyone please advise on the marks
a bayonet for a martini henry should have?

also if genuine what is a fair price for a fair condition item these days.

the marks on a bayonet i have seen recently
are as follows
top: broad arrow pointing up
next: WD
next: a crown
next: E
next:9 54 (allthough this is difficult to see

i would appreciate anyones help
best regards
22nd May 2004jim
check out
an excellent site for info.
genuine bayonets can be anything from
80 upwards depending on condition.
Others may have more info for you
22nd May 2004steve
hi jim.....
many thanks for the web address..............
it had everything i needed to know,and more
once again many thanks for you help,
best regards
24th May 2004Neil Aspinshaw
One of the biggest problems you might find is that alot were "bushed" to fit .303 conversions. If you have a MH, it is best to take it along, or a dowel of the correct bore. Ebay has quite a few, but you cannot actually try them. If the seller is knowlegeable ask before you bid.
I discussed this with David Fox recently, he had been over the Trident arms in Nottingham but found the 8 or 9 they had in stock had been bushed.
As Jim says 80-120 is the norm. If you cannot stretch that far, there are some reproductions about, made for the film The four Feathers. they are quite good quality for a repro, and at around 30 good value. Otherwise try Gun Mart magazine (available from newsagents) for dealers and arms fairs in your area.

good hunting.