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22nd May 2004Group photo - South Wales Borderers
By Frank Muscal
Maybe this came up before but I'm looking at a group photo with VC winners: Hook, RJones, WJones, Hitch, WIlliams, Bell and Browne. Ref: Nothing Remain but to Fight/ Ian Knight, pg. 158. It lists Robert Jones twice but William Jones doesn't appear to be wearing the VC. I remember reading Hitch losing his VC. Same thing happened to William Jones?
23rd May 2004Martin Everett
Dear Frank,

The photo was taken at Brecon on the day (January 1898) the brass memorial tablet commemorating the soldiers of the 24th who died during the AZW was unveiled. I agree that the photo does not show William Jones wearing the VC - however it could be tucked under the left collar of his jacket - they were concerned in those days about the sequence of wearing medals in those days. His VC is safe.

If you wish a copy of this photograph contact us: [email protected]
23rd May 2004Martin Everett
Dear Frank,

Sorry, it is not always possible to keep up with RDVC.COM as I have other campaigns to deal with.

I have found a note that William Jones pawned his VC in 1893 in order to feed his family.
24th May 2004Frank Muscal

Thanks for the information.
24th May 2004Bill Fine
There is a heavily retouched photo of William Jones purportedly taken the same day at Brecon where he is clearly wearing a VC. It can be found in VC's of Wales and the Welsh Regiment by Williams. The family history is that this was borrowed for the occasion from another participant.
25th June 2004Tony Jones
William Jones VC pawned his medal for a 5
ticket,however,knowing that he could never afford to repay the ticket he sold it to feed his family.I have an article from the Manchester Evening News that features information about this subject.The medal turned up in Preston in the 1930's.Anyone who wants a copy of the article can contact me via this site.
10th July 2004Tony Jones
Corection,it was 1917 when the medal turned up in Preston then found its way to the SWBM.
3rd December 2004deb
i am wondering if anyone has any info about vincent bennett WW2 regiment:south wales borderes? i would like to know what my grandad looked like. he was a private
3rd December 2004looking for photos of south wales borderes regiment.
anyone help?
3rd December 2004deb
my grandad severd in WW2 in the south wales borderers reg. please, can anyone help me get any photos info on him?
3rd December 2004deb
oh, he was based in wales during WW2