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30th May 2004Zulu chants
By Dave Kenyon
does anyone know what the Zulu chants were called in the film Zulu?
2nd June 2004Julian whybra
Yes, they were on the record of the soundtrack of the film which I've got in my loft.
Wait a day or two and i'll dig it out.
3rd June 2004L.J.Knight
hey Dave i think this is what u want. Zulu,vol,1,original soundtrack and themes composed and conducted by John Barry.track1.main title theme.isandhlwana.2news of the massacre,Rorkes Drift threatened.3waggons over.4first Zulu appearance and assault.5Durnfords horse arrive and depart,the third assault.6Zulu's final appearance and salute.7the V.C.roll. and Men of Harlech.selection of Zulu stamps...8stamp and shake.9high grass.10Zulu stamp.11bigshield.12Zulumaid.13monkey feathers.running time..34mins. hope any of that helps. regards