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1st June 2004Look a Zulu Spear!
By Pickasso
Thats a spear. or maybe an arrow
Thats a knobkerry!

Totally cool huh?
2nd June 2004steve
perhaps you will recognise these as zulus behind their shields.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
chelmsfords camp on the mangeni

getting pretty silly now
7th June 2004Simon Copley

The tracks of Chelmsford's column??
24th June 2004AMB

Chelmsford coming back...........
25th June 2004steve
a lonely grave of a brave soldier-natal

26th June 2004Glenn Wade

The a ramparts at Eshowe!


G comapny in formation at Isandlwana!

26th June 2004Glenn Wade
Sorry, first posting in nealy a year and two bloody spelling mistakes!


no a
26th June 2004Melvin Hunt
The "horns of the buffalo"


27th June 2004steve
zulu chest looking down the barrel of n5 battery
[-0-] [-0-]
27th June 2004steve
martini henry rounds jan 22/23

wagon on the nek.late june 79
0 0
27th June 2004steve
sorry wagon on the nek should look like

0 0
27th June 2004steve
ere we go more try

27th June 2004steve
b*gg*r it........the wheels came off