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4th June 2004Martini Henry
By Neil Aspinshaw
We often get participants requesting where they can buy or obtain a Martini Henry. Whilst I have no commercial interest here ,I have found there is a Mark 111 dated 1879 for sale on It is up for 525, which is very reasonable in todays rates. The rear sight has been replaced with a wrong version but you can get hold of originals.
p.s. there is a good MH carbine on Ebay at the moment.
4th June 2004John Young

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my local antique centre and found a Mk. II from 1877, for just 350, only to discover it was marked to 'E' Co. 3rd/60th. A bargain!

John Y.
4th June 2004neil aspinshaw
what's that about coming out smelling of roses!
givya 400 for it???
4th June 2004David Alan Gardner

You forgot to mention that was 10 years ago John!
4th June 2004John Young

The ten bit is right, but it was days not years!

John Y.
5th June 2004AMB

The sticky varnish don't but you off then? Or the fact that the marking 'E' Co. 3rd/60th was in felt tip pen? The 'MADE IN CHINA' stamp didn't put you off?

Seriously, some people are just lucky - a cracking find!

6th June 2004Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Even by New Zealand standards that is a real bargain John. How about a few more details. Is it in shooting condition? Are you going to keep your other one?
7th June 2004David Aln Gardner

Well done then John, I'm green with envy, just what I'm looking for!-glad it went to someone who'll appreciate it.
8th June 2004Michael Boyle
Realizing that ordering antique fire arms from the States is only slightly more difficult than crawling back into the womb (for those on the other side of the pond) Atlanta Cutlery still has some and are getting more next month.

The one I got is 1878 Enfield MkII, all factory proofs (no cross-outs) rack #170 and although the regt. mark is pretty much worn through, if I tilt my head just so, close one eye and squint through the other, I can just make out "B" coy. 2/24th......... (I WISH!)

Alan this is not a commercial but having lusted after a MH for 40yrs.,and finally having one in my hand, I only wish others could share my joy. I also got a Snider, hoping for an Enfield conversion, alas it was purpose-built by the Nepalese (Although an excellent job with some refinements). Still it was used by the Gurkas and could have seen action in a Victorian campaign.

In lieu of that you can also purchase original brass end-caps, oil bottles, Action Implements (muti-purpose tool issued with MHs),cleaning jags and ramrod/cleaning rods. They also have original slings but I would't advise that as they seem to be only half a sling (no brass forks and not long enough to double over, altough I'm no expert.) They also have bayonets.

At any rate how many more Martini's are going to enter the market?

If you want a laugh perhaps I can swallow my pride and describe my attempt to bench-sight my MH.

8th June 2004Barry Taylor
There is a Mark III on eBay at the moment starting at 550

Paste the above into your browser to take a look.


10th June 2004James Garland
I bought mine in the UK from a militaria shop in Saint Botolphs Street, Colchester, Essex. This shop gets the occasional shipment from the Atlanta Cutlery Company. When I last looked a couple of months ago he had two mark 4s at 550 each and a Mark 2 at 750 (which I bought). He also had a repro Martini Socket bayonet and repro helmets (these are clearly marked as repros).
The Shop used to be called the Aldershot badge company but I think it has a new name now.
15th June 2004Chris Tapster
I tracked the MH Mk III on Ebay and bidding closed at 755 Pounds which failed to meet the (unstated) reserve price.
15th June 2004Phil Pearce
Have my gt granddads rifle ( not usable to comply with law) his helmet & tunic, ( genuine all from Rorkes)
16th June 2004Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Tell us more Phil.
16th June 2004steve
mh cavalry carbine went last week on ebay for 330
item dated 1877 with usual markings
item n/-2248773775
17th June 2004Neil Aspinshaw
I have just seen the MK1 David Fox has bought, possibly the best condition MH MK1 I have ever seen, looks like it is straight from Enfield. Even the forestock and butt are funiture showroom immaculate, a real stunner... even at the price!! huh David?.