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8th June 2004Gnr Arthur Howard
By Andrew Vollans
Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has seen details of Arthur Howards background and family history.
My Welsh Aunt used to tell me of an ancestor at Rorkes Drift who hid under a dead horse to escape the Zulu's. She never told me a name but the story fits Howard. Any help?
8th June 2004Keith Smith

I have a copy of Arthur Howrd's statement from the Birmingham Daily Gazette, 26th March, 1879. There is no metion of his hiding under a horse, only that he 'had a narrow escape, but got away from the hospital and sat in the bush all night, exposed to the fire from both sides." If you would like a copy of this article, let me know and I will email it to you.

8th June 2004Michael Boyle

Morris's TWOTS has him escaping from the hospital veranda, jumping the wall and hiding amongst the legs of four dead horses and describes some of his subsequent adventure.
8th June 2004Peter Ewart
Chard's lengthy report to Qn Victoria describes Howard concealing himself behind the "bodies"[!] of several horses, some Zulu bodies and the low grass & bushes, near the upper side of the wall outside the north parapet.

Surgeon Reynolds' report suggests his hiding place was as far as 400/500 yds from the buildings. Parson Smith, in his long Mercury piece, mentions a dead pig and four horses assisting Howard's concealment, as well as covering himself with twigs and grass.

Do some sound genealogical research, Andrew, and you may find yourself a member of a rather exclusive band!

25th June 2004Sheldon Hall
Gunner Howard is portrayed in ZULU by Dafydd Havard (though he is mistakenly renamed Howarth). Early drafts of the screenplay have him escaping the burning hospital and hiding in a ditch until able to return to camp the following morning.