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9th June 2004Connaught Rangers 94th Regiment
By Jo Anne
Hello, My great grandfather received a medal for operations in South Africa against the Zulus and Sekukuni during 1879. Also mentioned is Lydenburg - (Transvaal) 21st November, 1880. Was the 94th Regiment of the Connaught Rangers involved in Rorkes Drift? I am starting to do research on his life and any suggestioned you have would be most welcome. Sincerely, Jo Anne
9th June 2004John Young
Jo Anne,

The 94th Regiment (They would not become the 2nd Battalion of the Connaught Rangers until 1881.) left Southampton on the hired transport S.S. 'China' on 26th February, 1879, arriving in Natal on 2nd April, 1879. The battalion was somewhat under strength and required 350 men to reinforce it.

They became part of the 2nd Division under the command of Major-General Edward Newdigate.

17 officers and 616 other-ranks from the 94th were present at the final battle of the Anglo-Zulu War - the Battle of Ulundi - 4th July, 1879.

As you state above the 94th were also involved against the baPedi chieftain, Sekhukhune towards the end of 1879.

The 94th were later involved in the 1st Anglo-Boer War of 1880-1.

The best place to attempt to do any research into your great-grandfather's service record would be the National Archives at Kew.

If you can give me his name I should be able to discover his regimental/brigade no. for you, which would be a good starting point for your research.

John Y.
11th June 2004Jo Anne
Thank you very much Mr. Young, that is very kind of you. His name was Edward Carroll and he was born in Bellary, India, the son of a soldier serving there at that time; approximately 1844. I have his military record but it just lists medals, medical records, things like that. Not troop movements. (Still secret??) Thank you again, sincerely, Jo Anne
11th June 2004John Young
Jo Anne,

No I don't thnk the troop movements are secret at all. Given that you have his record he should be easy to trace, to a point.

The 94th's Brigade Depot was in Armagh, their sub-district number was '65'.

In 1878 the 94th were in Fleetwood, Lancs., prior to moving to Aldershot. It was in Aldershot that they received the order to embark to South Africa, on 12th February, 1879. They embarkation appears to have been delayed until they were upto strength.

They arrived at Durban on 2nd April, 1879. On 8th April, 1879 they entrained and moved, by train, to Botha's Hill, outside of Pietermaritzburg. They then marched to Pietermaritzburg, then on to Greytown, where two companies of the 94th were left on the 'Lines of Communication'. The remainder carried on to the town of Dundee, where it arrived on 26th April, 1879.

On 29th April the unit were designated to form an advanced outpost at Conference Hill, reaching there on 3rd May, they set about building forts. (The remains of those forts are situated on the R33 road, near to the junction with the R34.)

On 30th May, the regiment moved to Koppie Allein, prior to the advance to Ulundi.

After Ulundi, the 94th were assigned to the 'Flying Column' of Colonel Baker Russell. They were dispatched to an area near to Hlobane Mountain to quell some unrest.

After which they moved up to the Luneberg district and from there to Sekhukhune's Stronghold.

These movements and detachments should be recorded in the Pay & Muster Rolls of the 94th.

Post the Sekhukhune campaign the 94th formed part of the Pretoria Garrison. On 20th December, 1880, a contingent of the 94th were attacked by Boers at Bronkhorst Spruit, suffering severe casualties.

Other detachments of the 94th formed the garrisions at Pretoria, Potchefstroom, Rustenberg, Marabastad, Lydenburg, Standerton & Wakkerstroom, which were besieged by Boer forces during the 1st Anglo-Boer War, 1880-81.

For further information on the 94th, try and get a look at 'The Connaught Rangers - 2nd Battalion, Formerly 94th Foot' by Lieutenant-Colonel H.F.N. Jourdain, C.M.G., published in London in 1926.

I hope that helps in some way.

John Y.
12th June 2004Jo Anne
John, Thank you. This information is very helpful. I will try and find a copy of the above mentioned book. Sincerely, Jo Anne