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10th June 2004" who really did for Melvill and Coghill ".
By L.J.Knight
" who killed Melvill and Coghill "...definitive answer please. gen,lord Wolsley, quote!. " ish ". " it would have been better if these officer's had been killed closer to thier men ". Was it the Zulu's or dissafected natallion's who did for those brave two men... to go through so much only to be most basely slain by people who were probably on thier side twenty minutes earlier.who were these assasin's..regards to all. sorry if this crop's up all the time..peace..
10th June 2004Neil Aspinshaw
The fact that Melvill & Coghill were not alone is onbe that has interested me, Higginson claimed that the pair had just shot two zulus who had just attacked them. In "Zulu Victory" (Lock/Quantrill) it is most likely that their assailants were most likely some of Gamdana's men. I suppose it would be difficult for attacking zulu's to cross the river as zulu's are not natural swimmers, even in calm water.
There are three cairns in the close vicinity to M & C, whilst this has been broached on this site it is most likely IMI or colonials.
I would go with Gamdana's men. For what it is worth, David Rattray who own the land that the grave are on told me that George Bunting also considered this to be most likely.