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19th June 2004Shako - Overseas Helmet - Looking to Obtain
By Nicholas E. Efstathiou
Hello, I'm looking to obtain an overseas helmet such as the type used during the Zulu wars for my son, who is ten, and utterly fanatical over the British (we're Americans). If anyone can help me locate one, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
19th June 2004Robert Jones
Try looking under "military uniforms" or "Zulu" on E-BAY---they sometimes have real ones and quite often have replicas.
19th June 2004Adrian Whiting

You can also buy direct from the company at the link below. The company is in the US.

24th June 2004Slasher Morgan
Nicholas, as Adrian says the Village hat shop do a range of helmets including one that looks close to the overseas pattern. However it's a little wide.To make it that little bit closer to the original, soak it in warm water for 3 hours then close the brim at the sides by about 2 1/2 inches on either side. Secure this while the helmet dries (I use duck tape). When released it'll spring back about an inch.The helmet will then be that little narrower and resemble the correct profile. You can also shave off the pointed bit at the front with a craft knife after stripping off the binding. Once shaved into a more rounded peak, glue the binding back and, hey presto, there we are. I stained mine with tea to finish it off and a very useable helmet it is too. Have fun,
Slasher Morgan
1879 Group.
PS Sounds a bit Blue Peter eh ?
29th June 2004Joseph
Adrian and Slasher are both correct. The Villagehatshop helmets are quite useable with a little work. I will say that they now have a better version that already has the rounded front brim... thanks to your truly. I sent them several pics and detailed descriptions of actual FS helmets used during the Anglo Zulu War. They do need to be narrower, and Slasher's system will work. I soaked mine and then held it in place between two stacks of heacy books for 24 hours... thinned up quite nicely. Also, for accuracy, you would want to consider redoing the liner as it is all wrong and modern. They are very inexpensive.

Good luck,
29th June 2004Slasher
Well done, that man. I've had a gander at the Village Hat Shop website and the new helmet is very good indeed. I see they've re-worked the tail as well. Excellent job. At least with the price as it is one can afford a stained version as well as a parade example. I agree about the interior though. I suppose it would be possible to fabricate a leather sweat band quite easily and a decent leather chin strap is simplicity itself. In fact I took the strap for mine from a ladies hand bag that I bought in a charity shop. You'll have to be a bit careful buying handbags though, if you know what I mean, chaps.
Have fun,