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2nd July 2004Zulu War Chants..Again
By Rich
I know this topic has been discussed here so pardon if it's old hat. I know that some here were interested like myself in knowing the chants the Zulus were singing before and after certain battle scenes in the film. I've tried to find translations but I don't think they've ever been done. Am I right? A reply noted that they'd be on the soundtrack but that's not the case on my copy. While watching the film, I've always thought Mr. Endfield should've had subtitles while the Zulus were singing. Powerful stuff! Is it possible for someone who knows the Zulu language to perhaps translate those impressive chants and post onto the site? I'd do it but unfortunately I don't know Zulu. Thanks. PS Can I take a correspondence course???
7th July 2004P. Istake
Apparently they are chanting "..'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go..." in the Xhosa language just before the first charge in the film.
14th July 2004Rich
Thanks.......I figured that maybe it was more like "We're comin' to rip yer stomachs out!".......;-)....From a historical point of view, I'm not sure that those chants really happened or did they?