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5th July 2004QM Bloomfield.
By Graham Mason
On a recent field trip to London to do some research i was shown the grave of the wife of QM Bloomfield 2 / 24th killed at Isandlwana , up till then i had read that he was married with one child . I then discovered in fact he was married TWICE and had THREE children . His eldest daughter ( ELLEN ) was born in Mauritius c 1862 by his first wife but when he remarried he had two other children by his second wife .

I have details of this marriage , the date of birth of his second wife and the fact that Edward Bloomfield had a brother who was a Police Inspector ! . I know Edward was born in Nov 1835 but i do not know where ??? , nor indeed the name of his first wife or where this marriage took place . I do have supporting evidence for the second marriage and the other two children of this union but can anyone assist me with the name of his first wife , where Edward Bloomfield got married and just where he was born in 1835 ? , i have heard Edinburgh , Bristol or even London , does anyone know ? , thank you , Graham .
22nd December 2004Therese Caudell
My grandmother( b 1870) remembers as a child two uncles returning from the Afgan wars visiting her grandparents in Highgate London on their way home. They had big beards, smelt of donkey, tobacco and sweat. her father was named Edward, her grandparents had come from Stonham Suffolk.I think have read that QM Bloomfield came from Suffolk and had fought in the Afghan wars. Was this my uncle, I have often wondered. Why did I not take more notice of what granny told me.
22nd December 2004therese caudell
I forgot to mention in my earlier message my grandmother and her grandparents were Bloomfields