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7th July 2004Overdone
By Robert Jones
I don,t know if it,s me or just my imagination but are the questions and answers getting less and less?
Has the Anglo-Zulu War been saturated and can take no more?
It will be interesting to hear some comments on this.
All the best,
7th July 2004Mark
The only thing I can think of is a certain person must be on holidays hence it's quiet !!!!

7th July 2004steve
everyone is licking their wounds after the recent ammo debate..................
me included.

best regards
7th July 2004Tony Jones
Maybe this is the lull before the storm,anybody who thinks this subjest is exhausted should read Ian Knights latest book,then Dr.Sheldon Hall's book is due out in November...
7th July 2004Martin Everett
Then there is Dr Saul David's book from Penguin Books in September.

Then there is the new CD-ROM of the Medal Roll just for starters. And the most recent AZW books have been reviewed in the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research (I have sent Alan C copies if he wishes to put them on the site).
9th July 2004Julian whybra
No, the AZW is not saturated. There's plenty more to do and find out. Occasionally people do need time to go and find out before being able to write about it.
10th July 2004steve
my appologies,i posted without commenting on your question.
i dont think the subject is saturated....i dont think it ever will be,mainly due to the romance of the whole affair......a distant land,a worthy adversary,imperial splendour at its best,and worst etc etc...
best of all is that opinion is free,and is sometimes a beneficial catalyst in nudging the pompous toward serious debate,whereby we all learn something.

is their more to say on the azw ?
who can say it ?
11th July 2004Robert Jones
Good answer--and I entirely agree with you.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am pleased to see so many of you have answered my initial question.
14th July 2004Rich
I'd just like to ask a question since you are all pretty well read in the AZW sources. What I have noted and really this is only my observation is that the current historical accounts tend to be mostly written from the British point of view. To my knowledge, I don't think I've seen a contemporary focus of the AZW written by a Zulu. I'd think it would help study immensely if we got focused Zulu interpretation, analysis and research on the conflict. Question is where are the Zulu in their study of the AZW? Is it top of mind with them or a historical remembrance not worth analyzing? I'm in the US so bear with me in that I'm off the beaten track here! Maybe I'm just missing those Zulu books and need to get in touch with the Univ of Natal??
15th July 2004Julian Whybra
Steve 10th
Ortega y Gasset, The Revolt of the Masses, ch. xiv, p. 102.
Rich 14th
The latest conversations I've had with S Africans (incl Zulus) is that there aren't any and they bemoan the fact too.
15th July 2004steve
i allways look through spread fingers at my screen when i know you have posted.
so not being familiar with the senors works, i approached xiv with some trepidation.
whats this, i being invited to sit on my bayonet...(talleyrand/napoleon).......thankfully wrong passage........
good stuff,this common mass man,i prefer to think i lubricate the machinery.
as usual julian your knowledge far exceeds mine(uriah heap mode).

my comment of the 10th referred to gilbert and sullivans barb directed at wolsely,
"he is the very model of a modern major general", wolsely,allways knew best,with little room for discussion or opinion by others,
his pomposity noted by g+s, was clear,but slightly unfair,as he did have answers.
it seemed an appropriate stimuli,for the thread.

i would assume apartheid and the supression of native african self awareness over several decades has,in the past,hamstrung to some extent,literary and film development.
(zulu dawn banned under the old rsa)
happily that situation has now changed.

15th July 2004Rich
Thank you all for the heads up. I'd hope that the new books coming out get posted here so I can keep up with the literature. That's a good idea. Wish I could hop on down to SA and help you guys out. I wouldn't mind doing research on my own. Unfortunately, I kind of have to have spend time puttin' food on my table..;-). I guess some things have to wait.
21st July 2004Julian Whybra
Steve, sorry, I had little time to expand on your posting, I merely thought the Gasset reference as an interesting alternative view on your comment that you might like to see.
No spread fingers please! Education should be a matter of light, liberty and learning if i may misquote Disraeli (there I've found the Zulu connection to the posting after all!).