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12th July 2004maori hamilton browne the later years
By steve
i understand that years after the zulu war, while reading a newspaper lord baden powell
came across a report of an ex colonel browne
who ,infirm,aged and suffering from fever,was being cared for in the east end of london by the salvation army.
baden-powell knew "maori"from his time as a captain when together with john dunns impi
and colonel F carringtons native contingent they rode together against one of the smaller zulu uprisings,around 1885/86.
baden powell visited hamilton browne at the sally army to find him on his "uppers" but still with the boyhood irish grin attached.

later hamilton browne married a well to do sally army patron,which freed him from the sad end so many zulu war soldiers found,
for example corporal shiess,penniless and in rags,william jones,bridge street workhouse,
robert jones shotgun wound after complaining of headaches.

does anyone know of maori hamilton brownes
last resting place,as he did appear to have adventurers feet,and could be anywhere between here and where the sun sets.

secondly,again does anyone know which family he married into.

regards to all
13th July 2004Keith Smith

I can't help you much but can tell you that Hamilton-Browne died in Jamaica in 1916, just four years after the publication of his book on the Zulu War called "A Lost Legionary in South Africa".

For more information on his military career after 1879, see the article by Major George Tylden "Commandant George Hamilton-Browne" in Journal for the Society for Army Historical Research, vol. 37, 1959. You can find a copy of this in the National Army Museum in Chelsea.

13th July 2004Peter Ewart

The subject of Hamilton Browne's personal life (parentage, marriage, death, later travels, character, etc) has also come up on this forum now & again. Try the topics begun on 27th Feb 2003 and 15th Apr 2003 & one or two others.

13th July 2004steve
many thanks for the info keith,i appreciate the help.
thanks peter,i checked out the 27th feb 03 posts,and it looks like john young had all the answers,apart from burial place.
(well done john)

interesting in that post that someone thought he was not entitled to the new zealand medal he wore in a photo.
perhaps as he was a policeman in new zealand for a short time,(pre 1879) and responsible for aprehending a party of maoris who had murdered a friend(executed em too)
the medal may have related to that...............
........assuming the story told by baden powell, as related to him by hamilton browne is correct.
story came from
where there is an interesting graphic of"maori"
there "as he liked to be photographed"
14th July 2004steve
postscript:maoris medals
azwhs report that maoris three medals have been shown by their owner.