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13th July 2004Ultimatum Tree
By Robert Jones
I have just heard that the stump of the original Ultimatum Tree has been destroyed by fire.
According to James van Vuuren, head of Amafa Support Services, they don,t know who did it or why.
14th July 2004Alan Critchley

Maybe it's the person who is selling bits of it as 'relics' in order to increase their value?

16th July 2004Craig Bishop
Am doing a story on the trade, legal and illegal, in war memorabilia, from SA, esp. KZN to the rest of the world. Can anyone help with examples of prices, the amount of lost history, contact details. Thanks
18th July 2004AMB
I am greatly saddened that people of today feel the need to destroy the past and by doing so simply make it less accessible to those in the future.