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13th July 2004British Digital TV programme
By Barry Taylor
For those of you with Digital TV in the UK, channel FTN is showing a programme with a dubious Rorke's Drift connection on Monday 19th July:

The Antiques Ghost Show with Derek Acorah

Acclaimed spirit medium Derek Acorah discovers the hidden history of people's family pasts, by psychically connecting with their heirlooms. A descendant of one of the survivors of Rorke's Drift, as featured in the film Zulu, brings in a model ship handcrafted by the soldier himself. Derek tunes in to scenes of the battle itself, and the independent experts travel to his regimental headquarters to see if the official history measures up.
14th July 2004CLIVE DICKENS
This programme was aired some time back and I believe was discussed on this forum ,The Rorkes Drift soldier concerened was if I am correct was Cpl William Allen. it was entertaining if nothing else.
15th July 2004mark Hobson
Entertaining is not the word. Fantastic fun, more like. The highlight for me was his bizarre chanting!

By the way, I used to be a Medium myself - but since I lost weight I now fit into a Small.