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17th July 2004the vc of fred hitch
By steve
would anyone know whether fred hitches vc was stolen from his coat at the hospital he was in.
or while he was in hospital was the vc stolen from his coat at his place of work as a commisionaire.

many thanks
20th July 2004Chloe Hitch
Hi Steve,

his VC was stolen whilst he worked as a commisionaire at the hospital :)


20th July 2004steve
hi chloe,
many thanks for your reply.
i must admit to being a little confused as to where fred hitchs vc was taken from.

the samhs site has a paper by professor m boucher,commenting that fred hitch found employment at the royal services institute,and around that time had an accident,and whilst in hospital his vc was stolen from his coat hence
the confusion........
so, many thanks for clarifying.

theirs a great quote from fred in his letter,as hes on the roof and bromhead asks how many zulus are coming,fred shouts between 4 and 6 thousand,and a voice shouts from below,"is that all,we can manage that lot very well"
20th July 2004Martin Everett
Dear Steve,

Let me explain:
In July 1901 he was working at the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall when he fell from a ladder and was knocked unconscious. He awoke at Charing Cross Hospital. When Fred awoke he is said to have asked about his Victoria Cross, which was on his tunic at the Institute. A messenger was sent round to collect it by which time somebody had ripped it from the tunic. Fred blamed the Institute for the loss of his Victoria Cross, but the management there would not accept any responsibility. Hitch now became a Cab proprietor, first in horse drawn cabs, which were rapidly on the decline, and then in the new motorised taxis. In 1908 Hitch received a replacement VC, following a letter from his son Charles to the War Office. He was charged 3, seven shillings and sixpence. Hitch was only the second man to receive a replacement cross.
20th July 2004steve
dear martin,
many thanks for your time and explanation, i had heard a couple of different versions,but it all squares away now,again many thanks.

does anyone know whether the original vc ever turned up ?

i would assume with your name you are a relative?

many thanks
regards to all.