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22nd July 20041877-79 SA medal roll
By Peter Ewart
I'm hoping to enlist the help of someone on the forum on behalf of my friend who is a relative of an Isandlwana casualty.

The casualty (William Seymour, 80th Reg't, attached IMI) had a brother, James Henry, who later served in Egypt & the Sudan. James Henry, born c1861, appears to have served in either the 38th or 80th (one or other of the Staffs regiments, anyway).

Routine info from usual genealogical sources has so far proved extremely elusive & the absence of an army service record for either of them (JH also believed to have died overseas in service) doesn't help either. JHS was photographed, it seems, wearing an 1877-79 SA medal alongside his Egypt medal & Khedive Star, and possibly his dead brother's SA medal on right breast.

Can someone confirm that JHS appears on the SA medal roll, please? Not being a medal collector I'm not at all "au fait" with which rolls from the PRO/NA have been published, but are there any copies of the 77-79 roll knocking about? (I'd presume so, going by some of the answers which come up here).

If there are, can anyone confirm the presence of this chap, please? He'd have been rather young(ish) but there is a family tradition that one of the brothers was either a bugler boy or drummer boy anyway, and it certainly wasn't William.

I shall be out of circulation for a week or so from Friday, so if an answer comes up here after then, please excuse the delay in the posting of my thanks.

Many thanks (in advance!) for any help anyone can provide.

22nd July 2004John Young

There was a Private J.H. Seymour serving in the 1st/13th L.I., might be a start for you.

John Y.