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22nd July 2004Assegai
By George Brew
I have two Zulu assegai from the Zulu War period, a throwing one and a stabbing one. Does anyone know of a publication where I can read about their construction etc. Does anyone know how rare these are and what they might be worth. I also have an old Martini Henry rolled casing with bullet (minus the gun powder) from the same period. Probably plenty around, but these are things that I have picked up over the years.
12th January 2005Coll

If these spears are authentic, being from the time of the Zulu War 1879, but not more recent replica versions, I would suggest contacting antique dealers who specialise in militaria. I know it is the most obvious option, but maybe worth a try.

As for books about the construction, etc., there are books available about the Zulus of this time and before at the time of Shaka, that may have details of their weapons and the construction process, but personally I would try Osprey Publishing that concentrates on costumes and weapons of all military campaigns. I know of 2 titles dealing with the Zulus that may have the details you are looking for. Check their website.