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6th December 2004Photographs of the 2-24th
By Larry
Hello - My name is Larry Treverton and my ancestor Pte. 519 - Richard Treverton was a member of the Royal Regiment of Wales, 2nd Battalion 24th Foot at Monmouth, Wales assigned to G Company. He was killed at the Battle of Isandhlwana in 1879. The 1879 Group USA have two original photos posted on their website -the 2-24th at Pinetown and the 2-24th G Company. I am trying to obtain a high resolution copy of both photographs so that they may be printed out and included in the family history album. It was suggested that members of this group may be able to help me locate where they came from and who might be able to provide the images.
Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you

Larry Treverton
Ontario, Canada
7th December 2004Joseph
Welcome Larry this is a great board. I'm sure someone can help you.
7th December 2004Martin Everett
Dear Larry,

Why do you not approach the Museum? I am sure we would able to help - for a donation.
[email protected]
7th December 2004John Young

The Museum, which Martin, the Museum's Curator mentions above certainly holds original copies of of the photographs you mention. However, the photograph of 'G' Company 2nd/24th is the company which was formed to replace the casualties at Isandlwana.

Both these photographs along with a number of others were taken in Pinetown, Natal, after the conclusion of the campaign.

John Y.
7th December 2004Larry
Thank you John Y. I was not aware of that & appreciate the information. Obviously my ancestor wouldn't be among the group.

Thank you