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7th December 2004593 Pte. William Jones VC.
By Tony Jones
I am seeking contact with fellow descendants of 593,both direct and indirect,or anyone who knows of the whereabouts of any of these individuals.Those of us that have been in contact with each other have compiled some interesting information,but there is so much more material to share and compare,plus descendants that have been lost in the mists of time to find and reaquaint ourselves with.Want to join in,all contactees input will be appreciated.Thanks.
Tony Jones.

7th December 2004Trevor
Please don't take offence. But!
If you get the name and address of someone. What if the person isn't interested, and doesn't appreciate complete strangers intruding on them.
It's like getting those bloody annoying phone calls selling you windows, or mortgages!
Just wondered how you make contact with people who have no interest in the past. There are alot about.
7th December 2004Tony Jones
Dear Trevor,
hmm! i guess you've presented me with a bit of a poser there.Firstly,am i reading between the lines correctly that you know of a descendant of 593 who isn't interested or are you pondering a possible response from an individual that isn't interested? The reason the message is posted on an open discussion forum is to give individuals who are descended from 593 a chance to read the current project that i am involved in and to give them a 'choice',whether they respond or not.There will be no 'foot-in-the-door-salesman-techniques' used to coerce any individual to contact me or any other of the descendants that i am involved with.Even if they choose not to get involved they are not 'strangers' even if they remain anonymous;they are part of an extended family,an exclusive group of individuals who probably share the relationship of 3rd. cousins after 5 generations have past.
To conclude,there will be no contact with any individual who isn't interested;i would only be interested in a revealing the whereabouts of a descendant when that 3rd party had gained permission of one of my cousins.Finally,this is blood and genes we are talking about;i found out later in life that i was descended from 593 and it hurt on what i'de missed out on,but on a lighter note:'for every brandy i pour,i expect to find 10 family members that aren't interested in their forebears achievements'.Thanks for the advice though,you remarks are pertinent to my proposals.All the best.
8th December 2004Trevor
No hidden agenda mate. I don't know of a descendant. I was just asking the question!
Good luck in your search.
11th December 2004Phil Pearce
Firstly may I say as an RDVC decendant myself it is my experience that most decendents members are are willing to chat with others as they do have an interest inj the topic. However I take Trevors point on board . If you wish to seek out decendents of Willian Jones VC then why not try better known as the(victoria cross reference. Here you will find a relatives register. Click onto this . Then choise to sort family by awardee. (Much easier this way as the register deals with all VC's not just Rorkes ) After this click page 5. Listed under my Gt grand father Robert jones you mill find william Jones where about 5 relatives have registered their names. If they were not interested they would not be on this site to begin with never mind register their name. However inorder to contact them / view their details you will have to register as a member yourself. Your password can take a while to come through but be patient its worth it. I know that at least one person listed here has a great interest in the topic. Hope this has been of some help.
Regard Phil
12th December 2004Tony Jones
Dear Phil,
cheers,thanks for the advice.Isn't it great that after all these years since our descendants heroics at Rorke's Drift,that this common bond still brings us all together,through these forums, to chat,via the internet.
All the best.

13th December 2004Phil Pearce
Our DESENDANTS heroic ...I'm not that old LOL.
As our forefathers not only fought at Rorkes but literally side by side in the the hospital it's nice to that we can help one another .
13th December 2004Tony Jones.
Dear Phil,
well spotted,i think the 'correct' term that i should have used was 'ancestors',we'd be unique specimens,if it was our 'descendants' that fought alongside each other at the drift,and we'd both be in the age range of 150-170 years old.Yes it was interesting in the film ZULU to see them together in the hospital,plus mentoned extensively again on the Timewatch special.I visited 593's grave recently with my cousin and my thoughts were for Robert too.I have some interesting press-cuttings about Robert,
who heroics fascinate me also.If you send me (any) mailing address via my e-mail,you're welcome to have copies of articles in my possession as i am sure you will find them interesting.All the best.

13th December 2004Julian whybra
Nothing on mr jones i'm afarid but last week i gave a lecture on RD in Ingatestone Essex and in the audience was a descendant of Hook by the daughter from his first wife. Astonishing how people turn up!
13th December 2004Tony Jones
Dear Julian,
pity i missed that one,i live in Essex,not far down the A12 from the said venue.Will you be advertising any lectures in the future,and if so,where do you let the public know of such events.It must have been very interesting talking to this individual and an added bonus to you enjoyment of conducting the talk.All the best.


14th December 2004Colin Fielding
Yes Julian. As John Williams Fielding VC great grandson I am obviously always very keen on attending lectures etc and as I also live down the A12 not far from the said venue, me and Tony could have travelled together !
14th December 2004Tony Jones
Dear Colin,
if Julian lets us know when the next lecture is you're on mate,and if Hooky's descendant turns up as well,again,the evening would be most interesting with 3 descendants of the hospital's defenders in the audience.
14th December 2004Colin Fielding
Tony ,
I've e-mailed you regarding the above
14th December 2004Julian Whybra
Well, thanks! The website rules do not allow me to advertize lectures on it but I will let you know directly.
Colin, a friend of yours was in the audience and rather hoped you'd be there.
14th December 2004TONY JONES
Cheers Colin,
i'll send you some details by e-mail too.It would be good to meet up in the future.
14th December 2004colin fielding
Julian Whybra

Who was it ?