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14th December 2004Zulu Dawn
By Robert Jones
Tuesday 21 Dec.--B.B.C.2----20.05 hrs---relax and enjoy!
Can I take the opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a healthy New Year.
17th December 2004Phil Pearce
According to the Wales & West Radio Times its on at 19.05...Hate for you to miss any of it. Personally I will be attending the staff Christmas party that afternoon & there is some doubt over me finding my way home from Cardiff where I work never mind the location of my telivision set !!
Sorry if that lowers the tone but we NHS staff rarely get free / cheap drinks , well short of sucking on a medi swab, so we tend to take advantage of the situation.
May I also follow Roberts example & wish one & all a very merry Christmas followed by happiness in the new year.
17th December 2004Robert Jones
You are quite right----because I live in the Netherlands I didn,t deduct 1 hour [I would hate it if anybody missed the film because of such a silly mistake !]
17th December 2004Neil aspinhaw
Go and buy the DVD it has a few extra bits of footage, especially the zulu breakthrough into the tents and Durnfords stand.
Phil, get real!, go and find a telly at the party, and while you are at it take some half bladdered colleagues with you and.. well.. convert them to the cause.
Robert, have you found out what "look to your front, mark your target when it comes" is in dutch?.
18th December 2004Michael Boyle
I envy you lads.I have yet to find "Zulu Dawn" in a region one DVD in the States although we have eight different offerings of "Zulu" most of which are labeled 'region-none' (playable anywhere).Heres hoping for a TV mini-series on the events of 22/23 Jan.1879 that may re-kindle broader interest from this side of the pond ('Reality' TV has run it course hasn't it?).
"Shaka Zulu" seems to have done well enough to spawn two re-edits here after all.

The AZW does seem to share a number of political and tactical similarities to recent events which could make it more 'Topical'.


18th December 2004Robert Jones
As far as I know it goes something like this---Kijk naar voren, richt op je doel waneer het komt.
Not so difficult for a Welsh speaker!
Have a good Christmas.
20th December 2004Phil Pearce
Hi Robert.
...Cyfarchion y nadolig a dymun iadau gorau i'r flwyddyn newydd
20th December 2004Robert Jones
Bore da, Phil
Diolch o galon am y cyfarchion a pob hwyl a dymuniadau i tithau a ,r teulu hefyd.