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17th December 2004Knobkerries
By George Brew
Does anyone know anything about knobkerries. I have one. It appears to be old and original but is a lot shorter than the ones seen in the old photos of the Anglo Zulu War period. It is 14" long heavy and would clearly be effecctive in battle. It is balanced and the handle grip is slightly wider at end so it does not slip out of the hand and zig zag marked to aid grip. It was made this length and is clearly not a long one that has been cut off. Can anyone comment on this rather short knobkerry or give me a reference or contact to those who could. Thanks.
21st December 2004George Brew
Well how sad. Anthing to do with Zulu culture seems to get ignored on this website. I did have a query about the length of assegai in the past. Again no interest. I was wondering whether they were made to a different spec in different districts or different for depending on the individual. Never did get any interest and I have not come to any conclusions. So I have gone onto knobkerries and done some of my own research. The Knobkerry that I have is carved with what I took to be the number 16 (again looks in keeping with its age). I now see that it could be the number 91(the other way up). Have since read about the 91st Regiment. I then looked through all the books that I have on the Anglo Zulu Wars and found one picture of officers from the 91st and on the ground in front of them is a Knobkerry, the only short one that I have ever seen. I wonder if it is the one that I have got. Nice to think so but I doubt it.
22nd December 2004kevin warren
Just read your question ,if your kerry has a large head it could be an execution club.
22nd December 2004Peter Ewart

Zulu culture certainly isn't ignored on this forum. You've only waited four days and have posted your query on what is usually - not surprisingly - the quietest week of the year on the forum. I think you'll find most contributors haven't yet seen your question.