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17th December 2004Merry Christmas
By Rich
Before I sit down to watch Alastair Sim again
I'd just like to say season's greetings to you all. I enjoy the site, the personalities and comment. I've learned much from many of you particularly through your books. Thanks Alan C and all you aficionados of the Zulu Wars for the site.
18th December 2004Michael Boyle

It may be a bit early for me as I have yet to get to Seymour Hicks,Reginald Owen,Alistair Sims,Albert Finney,Michael Caine, Bill Murray or Mickey Mouse (rather intensive Christmas viewing tradition here!) but allow me to concur in wishing a Merry/Happy Christmas to all and in the immortal words of Tiny Tim "God bless us every one" (both here and here-after).

After all it's only seven days away (and there used to be twelve of them!).


20th December 2004Rich

Thanks...and see? I said "Merry Christmas".
Supposedly some want to turn the phrase into an anachronism around these parts now....;-)....
25th December 2004Alex Rossiter
Merry Christmas too All!!!!!!!!