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20th December 2004Rorke's Drift Painting
By Andrew Garton
What is considered the most accurate portrayal ever painted of the battle! And Merry Christmas to everyone!
20th December 2004Phil Pearce
Lady catherine Butlers
20th December 2004Andrew Garton
Thanks Phil
I like that one myself.What about Keith Rocco's painting I belive he painted it in the early 90's.
20th December 2004John Young

It is actually Lady Elizabeth Butler, rather than Catherine.

John Y.
20th December 2004Phil Pearce
Thanks John , I happen to know someone named Catherine Butler & I frequently attribute this work to her. Don't think she would mind being credited with the talent of Lady Elizabeth, to be given her age however may be a problem. LOL
20th December 2004Trevor
Met an Aussie soldier once called "Tim Butler" Biggest, rudest, loudest, most drunkard person i ever met! But I liked him!!!!!!!
Merry xmas

T Finney