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31st December 2004I remember.....
By Steve Ray

My father is researching a book on Isandhlwana and has come across an article entitled "I Remember Isandhlwana" written by a (at the time) 96 year old D.C Slater. This article is apprently reported in a SA news paper and is no more than 10 years old. If anyone is aware of this article and has a photo of DC Slater it would be much apprecaited as it is needed for the document

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31st December 2004Martin Everett
This may be a shot in the dark - there was a special edition of The (Natal) Witness produced for the centenary in 1929 which contained a number of accounts. These may have been subsequently reproduced - try Stephen Coan at The Witness - he often contributes to this site - [email protected]
1st January 2005Julian Whybra
Steve, does Slater claim to have been present at the battle or is this a fictional account?
2nd January 2005Steve Ray
Hi Julian

DC Slater was indeed at the battle of Islandhlwana. As a private
4th January 2005Julian Whybra
There was no known survivor of that name and rank. I have checked the 24th and the IMI lists and there is no-one named Slater on the rolls so he wasn't even out with Chelmsford. What does he claim his unit was? It looks like you may have a fraudulent account. By the way the account you mention is not in my copy of the Natal Witness Special edition.
14th January 2005Phil Pearce
I am fortunate enough to possess a copy of the centenary 1979 Natal Whitness ( published on Tuesday 23 Jan 1979 as a suppliment to the Natal Wwitness ). It contains a number of great illistrations also copies of 1879 advertisments for various good even a theatrical advertisment foe Miss Emmeline Montague appearing at the Theatre Royal ....Nothing about this though. Mind you tro'w'sers seemed fairly cheap at the time lol