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3rd January 200524th Refiment Photo Enquiry
Greetings and Happy New Year,

I am writing to ask whether any Regimental photos exist from this period.

My Gt. Gt. Grandfather served with 1st Bn. from 1872 to 1879. Having searched the Muster Rolls at Kew, I was able to trace their posting .. Gibraltar, St Helena, Natal, etc.

He was not killed at Isandlwhana, nor was he present at Rorke's Drift - as his enlistment papers state his trade to have been 'Groom', I assume he could have been at Helpmakaar.

Itt would be great to have a print of any such pictures.

Thanks for any assistance.

3rd January 2005Martin Everett
Dear Richard,
It would nice to find a photo of your grandfather - a type of question which I am asked every day - its like finding a needle in a haystack. Remember the 1/24th was about 800 men strong in South Africa - you need 48 6x4 sized photos to capture a reasonable image of each man in the battalion. Even so there were between 70 and 86 men in St. Helena with Wardell and Cavaye. There is a higher chance of an image if your relative was an officer or sergeant, or a member of the band or drums. Sorry.
3rd January 2005Richard
First off - sorry for double posting ... it was in an attempt to correct a spelling error.

Regards photos - I was enquiring about the Regiment or the Battaliions in their entirety .. ie a group photo, not merely to pics of specific individuals. My ancestor was only a private so certainly there wouldn't be one of him on his own..

If there is such a photo, I would be most interested.

Thanks again for taking time to read.