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Zulu Knobkerrie And Maasai Rungu

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I remember starting a topic about a year ago, how some styles of the Irish shillelagh looked like the Zulu Knobkerrie, initially thinking some were indeed that or based on the Zulu weapon.

Although not exactly surprising or new, it was interesting to see a couple of clips showing the use of the Maasai Rungu, almost identical to the Knobkerrie, even mentioning all 3 types on the Wiki page -

Though unlike the other two, the Irish shillelagh wasn’t thrown, but handheld, seemingly used as a sort of duelling weapon to settle arguments, also known like the Zulu system as ‘stick fighting’, but obviously minus the small shield, though on myfirst early impression, the Irish may have used a jacket or material wrapped round the free arm as a defence method to deflect blows.

Makes you wonder if any Irish soldiers in the Zulu War 1879, could put this ancient fighting tradition to use in hand-to-hand with the Zulus, the clip of Bob Hoskins using a Knobkerrie in ZULU DAWN is an interesting comparison, using the Zulu’s own weapon against him

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Zulu Knobkerrie And Maasai Rungu
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