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The Mystery of Zulu Dawn - New DVD

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Available on DVD from 15th October

In 1879 at the battle of Isandlwana, the British suffered a degrading defeat at the hands of a much lesser army - the Zulus. What could possibly have gone wrong? Was this momentous defeat that cost the lives of almost 1,500 British soldiers caused by the arrogance of an Empire that grossly underestimated its opponent?

The Mystery Of Zulu Dawn uses a dazzling blend of stunning location filming, extraordinary reconstructions, computer graphics and more than a hundred Zulu extras to explain the enigma shrouding this forgotten battle. The British army was the
most powerful army on Earth. They vastly outmatched the Zulus both in numbers and with their greatly superior weapons - yet they were inexplicably and humiliatingly defeated.

Startling new truths are unearthed which help explain why on this particular day, and in this particular place, the Zulus became almost superhuman.
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The Mystery of Zulu Dawn - New DVD
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