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Zulu war per Zulu

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Had the Zulu war been forgotten by the British public before the film came out?
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Not forgotten per se, but remembered I think more by the units involved and military historians.

Obviously, Rorke's Drift was probably remembered more than the war in general.

Isandlwana wasn't remembered enough/at all in the first place, in order to be forgotten, apparently nobody wanting to remember a defeat. Same happened with Maiwand, which, although covered in a few books, never really was pursued in publications to any great extent.

Zulu was a success, but didn't cover the before and after the battle itself, apart from a short reference to Isandwana at the beginning, though a film can only cover so much.

It took Morris, etc., to bring the whole war to the public's attention again, after books written in the late 19th/early 20th Century, had become less known themselves by most.

Zulu war per Zulu
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