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Isandlwana Camp 1906-07

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In Stalker's History of the Natal Carbineers, reference is slightly made to a camp being set up at Isandlwana for 3 days, whilst operations were conducted in the surrounding areas. In the account it is said it was close to the camp which was there in 1879. I know this time there wasn't a threat of a huge Zulu army, but wasn't it considered to be bad luck to position themselves so near to their fallen comrades almost 30 years previously, and the fact that Isandlwana didn't possess the best place to base themselves because of the terrain and blind spots. I know of no other accounts but this single one, which doesn't go into great detail at all, describing the situation or the effect it had on the men
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Isandlwana Camp 1906-07
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