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Lt. Milne's Hill Position Looking Back At Isandlwana

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I remember reading an account by Milne himself I think, describing his location on a hill to look back at Isandlwana, which he describes doing so for a reasonably long period of time, seeing nothing truly amiss with the camp. However, he describes his seating area as comfortable, with a sloping rock supporting his back, making it slightly easier to maintain a static viewpoint. However, I'm wondering if he was ideally located height-wise on the hill to be able to see enough of the front of the camp for any Zulu movements (left wing) or Durnford's Troops on the plain. If officers didn't buy into the idea of an attack in the first place, would they see what they'd expect to see from the distance instead of looking for anything untoward. I'm sure Milne was a capable officer, but on a hot day, on a hill, looking for something they didn't think would be happening, that the heat, the task itself and discomfort made him opt for the comfortable position referred to, to make his job more bearable, therefore possibly positioned in a less than ideal spot, being that if there were dips and ridges between him and the camp, surely he'd have to find at least the highest point to set up his telescope to monitor events
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Lt. Milne's Hill Position Looking Back At Isandlwana
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