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Two recent articles in the Daily Mail
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Iíve actually got a book called Colonial Violence, which has a painting of Melvill and Coghill on the front cover, plus of course, there was the book on war crimes and genocide that has a Rorkeís Drift painting as its front cover.

Itís no real surprise that it is filtering out into other areas.

I foresee at some stage AZW re-enactments at events will eventually be affected, even protested against with demonstrations.

Romanticism of the red coated soldiers may become a thing of the past, but I think I mentioned elsewhere, romanticism of such a war in paintings, etc., was more of a Victorian viewpoint, but whether it is right to continue it today when modern war is so brutal and in our faces every day, well, it comes down to individual opinions.

I donít enter into these debates, as they are very ugly and show another dark side to peoplesí thinking that I do not like one bit, and the words used now to describe each other are shocking.

I feel we are losing the way of what remembering history means, that the history becomes history itself, erased from memory.

However, that is my own thoughts on the matter

Why Do You Have To Die To Be A Hero
Itís A Shame A Legend Begins At Its End
Why Do You Have To Die If Youíre A Hero

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Two recent articles in the Daily Mail
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