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Hello all,

I want to compliment you on the site (he says sucking up already). Anyway, I was surfing the net and discovered your website while looking into Pith Helmets from the Boer War era (found your string on that subject most interesting and helpful - thank you). I realize that my interest is perhaps peripheral to the Zulu war, but you all seem to be so well informed that I thought you could perhaps help me out.

My firmís logo is of a Canadian Boer War Soldier.

This logo was designed using the Halifax Nova Scotia Boer war monument for inspiration and has personal meaning (both my great grandfathers served in South Africa). I am in possession of several items of interest from that period (which I inherited) and which I intend to put on display in our companyís boardroom. I mention all this because I am on the hunt for certain items from this period to round out our collection.

In particular, I am hoping to find an authentic Canadian Boer War Pith Helmet (like the one featured in the logo). There are many replicas on the internet, but I want the real deal for the boardroom if I can find one in reasonable condition to put on display. Canadian Helmet pins from this era are easier to find (ebay etc) and so I have resigned myself to perhaps just buying the pin and attaching it to a replica (not my first choice). Any opportunity to purchase such an item would be cherished and treated with due respect.

Perhaps where your collective brain power could help the most is with some of the inherited items. I have several mystery pieces that I could use a little help on (pictures at the ready if you are game).

Thanking you all in advance, Wink
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The best militaria auction house in the UK is Bosleys. They hold three or four auctions a year and it is worth checking their website for a copy of the auctions lots in text form. No pictures unless you subscribe to the catalogue which, personally, I don't think is worth the money (£88 per year for overseas).

Also try Spink who hold two or three auctions a year. Spink's website is searchable so it should allow you to discover whether similar helmets have been sold and at what price.

The integrity of these two is fine; beware that the market is flooded with fake and reproduction items so ensure that you have a guarantee of originality. I would avoid eBay for this reason.

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