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24th December 2001P.Vincent Ex Royal Engineer
Congratulation! A very informative site,
A pleasure to read
24th December 2001calvin
On my list of headstones to visit, congratulations on the web-site very formative I was unaware that Henry Hook was buried in Gloucestershire.
24th December 2001calvin
On my list of headstones to visit, congratulations on the web-site very formative I was unaware that Henry Hook was buried in Gloucestershire.
24th December 2001helen craft
Came onto this site looking for information whilst looking at the film Zulu. Was amazed to find the VC surgeon was James Reynolds. this is my partners name!!!
23rd December 2001Barry Maxwell
Very good info
22nd December 2001Kerry Moore
Congratulations. This is probably the best web site, for design, layout, and content I have seen. A great site for a great subject.
20th December 2001Glenn Wade
Hey ho!
Lovely site I'm on here whenever I have some spare time! Any modellers who model the Zulu War, please e-mail me, we could swap ideas and info! Thanks a lot, Glenn.
18th December 2001Jim kaylor
Great, informative site, Thanks for providing this.
Here is to the 24th,, The
Welsh Borderers,,, JK
Of Late 2/26th US Marines, Khe Sanh Vietnam, 68'
18th December 2001rich colley
good site as a member of 5 fd sqn royal engineers who used to be 5 fd coy when chard was in it its good to fined more info out cheers
17th December 2001geoff adams
i just loved all the info.ive studied the zulu wars since when.keep up good work.
14th December 2001Edward Crites
Great site. Lots of good information. I like many others very much enjoy the movie 'ZULU'. Thanks for the true history involved with the battle and the bravery of the men.
14th December 2001michael c. sanders
awesome site, chock full on information..i hope to one day visit wales and scotland as well as england, once again GREAT site, thank you.
13th December 2001John Snider
Excellent site. Zulu is my favorite movie of all time. I am fascinated by the story of the bravery exhibited.
11th December 2001Mick Jackson
Very well constructed site. 'ZULU' was the first ever film that I saw at the cinema. Since then I have been interested in the Zulu wars and especially the defence of Rorkes Drift. I remember when I was in 5 Fld Squadron RE, commenorating Rorkes Drift Day, It used to be the day of the Squadron photograpgh. I always wonder if they stil do that?
11th December 2001STEVE BROWN
Great site, very interesting I had a great grandfather who was a member of the 24th foot. My old mum still remembers talking to him when he was an old man in his bed. his last job in life was as a grave digger in Cardiff. I have been to Brecon many years ago, but we think he may have served under another name. I like a lot of other members of the Australia Army have had the movie ZULU shown to us over and over, never get sick of it.
Carry on the good work Taffy's
10th December 2001Dr. David Wachtel
I agree with Lena's comments. I first saw the movie Zulu while home on leave from the Air Force. I was preparing to go to Taiwan for a one year duty. My mother set me up with a blind date. I took her to the drive-in movie near our house (Niagara Falls, NY). I proceeded to watch the movie and not lay a hand on my date. She told my mother that she thought I was wierd because all I did was watch the movie and not pay any attention to her. Needless to say, I never saw her again but have seen the movie so many times that I know the dialog. People in my office groan whenever they talk about a movie and I tell them that it may be a good movie but it is not as good as "Zulu". I have actually had a Zulu Party where I introduce the uninitiated to the movie.

Great fun and a great movie
8th December 2001Keith Lawson
I been lucky enough to visit Rourke's Drift. It is a beautiful place and I can imagine the defenders before the action wondering why they should travel all the way to such a place only to die.

There was so little cover for a running Zulu I could only be amazed at their courage in throwing themselves at the walls.

8th December 2001Lena Valdes
The part of me that is not dying of jealousy over your trip to Africa, is really grateful for this website. When the movie Zulu first came out, I saw it four times in a row. It is still the best movie ever made, and to see photos of all the places is just incredible. Thank you.
8th December 2001Cpl Kevin Burn
I'm a member of 5 Field Squadron Royal Engineers (Chard's unit). Researching the battle, which the squadron commemorates each year.
8th December 2001David Squires
What a marvellous site. Packed with information.
7th December 2001David Bluestein
I had heard that a remake of the movie "ZULU" was in production? Has any one ever heard anything of this possible rumor? Thanks
6th December 2001Skip Tusa
I watched "Zulu" on TV last night (about 20th time) and I still have difficulty in
comprehending the tenacity of the British troops at Rorkes Drift.
5th December 2001David Bluestein
Researching 1875 Pte. James Bull 1/24th Regt. Killed at the Battle of Isandlwana January 22nd 1879. If you can help please write. Thanks
5th December 2001Steve Davy
A very interesting site, where does your information on the fate of the drummer boys come from? I have read this account in "Like Lions They Fought", but assumed it was propaganda of the time.
Having visited the Royal Armoury at Leeds on several occasions, I was privileged on one visit to see a re-enactment of a solider of Rokes Drift. On speaking to him after his performance (he did get a little carried away) I noted that he appeared to be wearing an excellent imitation 24th foot Tunic complete with Sphinx’s on the collar. He advised me that this was a genuine Tunic from the campaign, are you able to confirm this?
4th December 2001colum james o' rourke.
as great great nephew of james rorke[the man whom the drift is called after]id like to say this site is excellent
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