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2nd January 2001David Forbis
Great information. There seems to be much more interest in the Zulu
War. Bravery was exhibited on both sides.
2nd January 2001Susan Hoolachan
Once again I turn onto your website and I become engrossed in it. The
comparison of the film and the actual battle was fascinitating, as was
the life of Fredrick Hitch. I cannot express the gratitude and
admiration due to you for bringing all the details together in such an
interesting fashion. I hope when I eventually become a Military
History Teacher my lectures could be as interesting as your web-site,
and guess where I will be going for my lectures. Thanks again.
1st January 2001Roger Hebblethwaite
Well designed and researched website. It is over 40 years since I was
at Rorke's Drift and Isandhlwana and I shall be interested to read a
report of your visit. Have a great time.
1st January 2001Ed Harrell
Greatly enjoyed your Web Page. It is put together in a most
entertaining yet informative way. Thank you for all of the hard work.

Ed Harrell
31st December 2000Stewart L Young
28th December 2000Kevin Wadeson
As the grandson of a S.W.Borderer may I congratulate you for a first
class web site.
27th December 2000Windell Driskell
I first saw the movie "ZULU" as a young member of the United
States Air Force in southern California in 1965 when it first
appeared in the theaters. Bravery, honor and doing one's duty
has always intrigued me, especially with regards to military
service. I have done extensive research into the history of
the Medal of Honor, and now I look forward in doing the same
for the Victoria Cross. I believe one of the most memorable
statements from the movie came from I believe Nigel Green,
who portrayed the veteran sergeant, when he was answering a
question from one of the young terrified soldiers. After Jack
Hawkins portraying the preacher, shouted to the men of the
garrison, that they were going to die, the young soldier ask
"why, why us"? Nigel Green said in a quiet reassuring tone,
"because we are here lad, we are here".

Thanks for the great web site.
21st December 2000John M Salisbury
I have long been interested in the history of Rorke's Drift, after having seen the movie "Zulu" as a young boy. Thank you for your work in providing information regarding this event in history!
18th December 2000Dan Perrine
I have been a student of Rorke's Drift ever since I saw the
movie "Zulu" in the early 1970s. This is a worthy and well done
website to honor those men who fought that famous battle.
15th December 2000Frank Muscal
Great website!!
10th December 2000Susan Hoolachan
Many thanks for the update, I have been on the site a considerable
number of times now, and managed to persuade my father to view it with
me, his response was the same as mine, magnificent. Do you lecture or
have talks on the subject of Rorke's Drift. I for one will keep this
website on my favourites. Oh! sat down with friends to watch Zulu and
I managed to tell them about what had happened to each individual VC
holder, and that is all thanks to you.

9th December 2000Stephen McDonald
This is an interesting web site. I've been ready and collecting books
on the Zulu War for a few years and never find the subject dull.

It's great to see similar interest through the www. Keep up the good
work and I intend to join the association.


Ottawa, Canada
1st December 2000Graham Borrill
Fascinating information, the research into the personal lives of the VC
recipients really puts it into perspective. The radio transcript is
fantastic. Have just read a good little book.... 'Padre George Smith of
Rorke's Drift' by Canon William M Lummis MC, ISBN 0 903619 21 0 though I
think it may be out print now. It gives an eye-witness account of the
action taken from his diary.
28th November 2000Susan Hoolachan
I have just read through some of the receipients of the VC and it
brought tears to my eyes to read of the bravery of these men, thank you
again for bringing this information to us, it makes one realise how
much the few heroically contributed to the freedom of the many.
Excellent site, a firm reader of all your work. Well done.
26th November 2000Stephen Easton
Very interesting. I am a life long RorkesDrift SA Buff, thank you for
all your trouble
24th November 2000Susan Hoolachan
A most interesting website. Having deceided to teach Military History,
a website like your's is both valuable in reminding us of their heroic
deeds and what happened in later life. Keep up the good work.
21st November 2000Les Critchley
2001 is the 122 anniversary of Rorkes Drift ,is this correct ?

I first saw Rorkes Drift Battle site in 1971 the 90 th anniversary .

Strangely i never went to Isandhlwana because at the time the road
linking the two battle sites was none existent .I believe now that
access is far easier with recently tarred roads , although at the time
of this comment ( 21/11/2000 ) the area is in the grip of severe
flooding .

I heard many years ago that a soldier from the 40th Regt . of foot ,
XL`s later the South Lancashire Regt. Warrington was also at Rorkes
Drift .Maybe he was one of the wounded or seconded to the engineers ,I
am not sure , and also don`t know his name .
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