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10th June 2006David Kilpatrick
Thank you very much for creating such a superb site...the perfect antidote to the poison of the poorly researched "information" sites which just parrot the same baseless accusations that Rorke's Drift was a minor skirmish and that Bromhead and Chard were incompetant.
9th June 2006G HARPER
5th June 2006lee jones
very good website!!
done some research into Robert Jones VC this sit helped a lot taking my sons to see his grave in summer holidays as they era very proud of being related to R Jones
3rd June 2006Antony Hook
I really enjoyed looking at this website
1st June 2006Mike Treacy
Congratulations on an excellent web site - thorough, informative and a fitting tribute to a group of brave men who triumphed against overwhelming odds.
31st May 2006Nicholas Hicks
I am sure everything has already been said about the heroic explots of the men at Rorkes drift, I wonder if the soldiers of today would show the same bravery?
30th May 2006Bob Clements
Good to see a Web site dedicated to this historic engagement. Of course, we were the real bad boys - provoking the Zulu attacks.
However, this in no way distracts from the heroism of the partipants in the battle. Which I admire ghreatly.
29th May 2006Mo
What a fantastic site, really interesting. Have seen film several times, read books and have framed prints from the SWB Museum. Will be visiting this site frequently. Well done!
29th May 2006paulesprit
i've just found the site and would simply like to say what a great honour to such brave men.
29th May 2006Barry Myers
Excellent site visited after seeing the film for the umpteenth time on tv. Only wanted to know total complement of garrison but hooked and spent enjoyable hour or so exploring background to events and personel together with mythes surrounding the battle."i will return".
29th May 2006Nigel Deacon
I have watched the film " ZULU " many times and been to visit the Museam at Brecon, And being english I am still proud of what these men did.
29th May 2006Timothy Bryan
Great job gentlemen, I will be visiting often to read more about this fascinating time in history.
28th May 2006Dave Davies
I read somewhere that one of the men involved in the battle was from my part of the world, Dudley in the West Midlands. Anyone enlighten me please?
28th May 2006Dave Davies
Fantastic site! Always loved the film, now I can read all the truth about this couragous day, I will come back time after time to this truely wonderful site. Thank you all so much. I will, as time allows, try and visit some of the resting places of these brave, gallant men.
27th May 2006Martin Southgate
Very good and usefull site,we at Giants Castle of corse have our own interest in Durnford. Very well done
23rd May 2006june dutton
Iam very proud that my great Grandfather Henry Hook has so many admirers. I was brought up by my grand mother Julia Hook his youngest daughter from his first marriage to Comfort hook . She had many stories of her childhood to tell and if you read the book written by Mr. Barry Johnson you will read some of her stories, and see her phots in there. The book is called "Hook of Rorke's Drift" by Barry.C. Johnson.
22nd May 2006luke james william mcevoy
great site... and excellent resource against which to double check "facts" about rorkes drift and other actions.... chards map is exceelnt and i was glad to see i wasnt far off in my own sketches from wriiten accounts!

16th May 2006Lt.Col. Bruce W. Rogers, USA (Ret.)
Excellent site. Wonderful source of information on both Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift. I appreciate the words to "Men of Harlech" even if they didn't sing it.
I would like more information about Lt. Adendorf.
Keep up the good work.
15th May 2006Mick Guidera
Great site,
thanks for all the information about the heros at Rokes Drift.
Keep up the good work.
13th May 2006Gary BENNETT
Excellent site, have had an interest in the Zulu wars from an early age.
Have found this to be an informative and interesting site, have been to the museum @ Brecon on anumber of occasions, always something else there to interest me.

well done

13th May 2006Gary
Very impressive. Very informative. Your site does justice to the bravery of the men who fought in this battle, regardless which side they fought on.

Well done.

8th May 2006ian robinson
excellent site, extremely well researched
2nd May 2006Msgt john B. Mooers III,USAF ret.
One of the most interesting sites I have found on the internet. Excellent historical research.
1st May 2006Mark Funk
This is a remarkable website. My youngest son and I recently watched both Zulu and Zulu Dawn. Charlie hasn't stopped humming John Barry's score since. Back in the 1960s Zulu triggered my deep fascination with South Africa. I wonder if it will do the same for Chuck. I suspect we will return to RDVC with some frequency.
29th April 2006Lez Dutton
Absolutely brilliant site. So detailed. I've found so much information and pictures on my great,great,great grandfather Pte HENRY HOOK VC and Rorke's Drift. Also the honourable men he served with. Also the other battle sites. Every click of the mouse, brings up more and more. The links to other sites are also excellent. It's getting a very emotional and sobering journey. Thankyou. Don't stop what your doing. Lez Dutton Staffordshire.
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