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9th March 2006Henderson
I was interested in finding out more about Rorke's drift but I never imagined I would find such a marvelous website. Great work. I saw Zulu when I was 12 in '64 but it seems like yesterday.
9th March 2006george harris
For Alun Thomas, well done, I am so pleased for you ,dont forget to attend the ceremonies at Pelcomb and Haverfordwest ,1.30 pm at Camrose Community Centre & 230pm Haverfordwest
very best wishes George Harris
8th March 2006Gerald Scanlon
I saw the mvie when I was 15 thought it was great, just watched the ZULU DAWN and ZULU DVD with my son and he is 17 also thought you might like to know the composer of the music is JOHN BARRY who composed the BOND music. very good website thanks

G.M. Scanlon
8th March 2006Steve Graham The Dragoon
Ref: Mr John Farr interest in the casualties with the name Farr. I am lucky to have a copy of The Silver Wreath by Norman Holme ISBN 0 906304 04 0 published in 1979. Under 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment of Foot. Killed in Action Isandhlwana 22nd January 1879.
25B/ 1041 Private Farr Alfred
Attested at Brecon on 4/1/77. Effects claimed by his mother, brother and sisters. Medal and clasp "1877-8-9" issued on 1/10/81. That is the Farr listed in this book. Hope this helps you out. I can be reached at [email protected] or by letter Steve Graham "The Dragoon" 8-02 Queen St Cookstown On Canada L0L 1L0 Good luck with your quest!
8th March 2006Andrew Thomas
I have found a link between myself and Private Thomas Collins of Camrose. His grandfather was the brother to my great grandfather x4.
7th March 2006Phil
absolutly awesum website found out lots i didnt know... is there going to be a remake of the film it is by far my favorite!
5th March 2006edward shepherd
Love the 2 movies.
also bought a martini-henry
4th March 2006Lana
Great site, definitely will return very often!
3rd March 2006Guru
Cool website, good work!
1st March 2006john mcaleer
fantastic site, very well put together!!!!!!
27th February 2006Vincent Dyson
Hello Mike Thorne, please email me for more information on your great grandfather. email [email protected]
26th February 2006Mike Thorne
Great website, I am trying to find information concerning my great grandfather George Edward Orchard who enlisted under the alias of George Edwards in 1876 and was posted to the 2nd Battalion 24th Foot
22nd February 2006John Farr
I visited Rorkes Drift and at the graveyard came face to face with my namesake Pvt Farr J on the memorial. Can't stop wondering about it and whether he was related, as my family came from the welsh border regions. As I amm trying to compile a family tree, does anybody have any information of this individual, or any other 'Farrs' in the 24th regiment at the time??
17th February 2006Rod Morison, M.M.
Having passed Rorkes Drift on foot whilst serving Her Majesty in the sixties I found the web site fascinating with the truth rather than the myth. Well done!
17th February 2006Trevor
Hi this is a great site and i was wondering if anybody could give me the coordinates for Rorkes drift and ishhandlwana as i dont think i'll be there in the near future and I'd love to see them on googleearth.
16th February 2006Jeniffer
I must confuses your site is really cool!!! Great site, great idea, just all round great work, everyone.
14th February 2006Polina
WOW ! very informative ...and i like those pics of ur nephew , so cute !! can see that u put a lot of effort in it so
14th February 2006Anetta
Site Is Interesting Thank You a lot!
12th February 2006Jon Horlor
Am interested in details of John Jobbins or John Connolly. I believe both were from Trevethin, Pontypool. Any information gratefully received. I know there is some information of Jobbins on this site and that Connolly was g Coy 2nd/24th and was in the Connolly was a patient and was with Hook I believe? Thanks.
Jon horlor...Trevethin.
10th February 2006Norman Dunbar
As a Child in the 1950's I "inherited' a brown and white Zulu shield from my grandfather, who was named James Dunbar (I still have it) I was told that it had been brought back from the zulu war by one of grandad's family he was named after. I was told that there were also three assegai's but these had been handed in to the police (as a child safety precaution ) between the wars. I was also told that a cousin of mine was given a certificate, or some sort of document regarding marksmanship. This would have been in the late 50's early 60's and before the film was made. It leaves me wondering if we may be connected to Pte 1421Dunbar. The shield is about 3 feet in height and approx 2 feet across at the widest point it does have a 4in scar on the front where the hair has been taken off, clearly by a pointed instrument.
Spooky, but Pte Dunbar's ' last four' were 14-21, I was Fus (Pte) 15-22. This is a fantastic site and I shall now endevour to trace a relationship. Regards. N Dunbar.
9th February 2006john owen
was ther a max field? what happed to him
5th February 2006shelley bloomfield
i looked at this site with my dad brian, i have never seen the film zulu but foundn't the site intresting i may now watch the movie
5th February 2006brian bloomfield
very interesting
5th February 2006Mikki
Pretty site !!!
4th February 2006Steve Graham
I have a store called The Dragoon located in Cookstown Ont Canada, in it I sell toy soldiers and military prints, books etc. One of the things the most interest is shown in is the Zulu Wars. To this end I refer your web page to client's. Your site is by far one of the most tasteful ones dedicated to this part of history. Keep up the good work, and the memory of the brave soldiers on both sides will be remembered.
Steve Graham
The Dragoon
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