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3rd February 2006Andrew Thomas
Interesting to hear about Private Thomas Collins because i am descended from the Collins family of Roch/Camrose and a Thomas Collins of Elliots hill, Camrose appears in my family history during the 1800s.
3rd February 2006GEORGE HARPER
Great film the scenery magnificent

very brave men
3rd February 2006Rick Hogan jr.
I have been absent for 3 years, helping my family with my grandmother who is ill with Dementia and her mind is failing. I do remember my last message to your site was on the 14th of March 2003, prior to that my first message was on the 1st of August 2002.
Now it is 2006 and i tell you now, i am eternially grateful to everyone who is involved with the Rorke's Drift Website!!
I been recently hired by a new school district, Glendale Union High School District in Phoenix, Arizona. I have never stopped sharing the webstie with others, in the 3 years I have been helping my family with personal matter; I have, through private tutoring have shown the site to friends, neighbors, co workers, other teachers and to my own family since they are curious about why i choose history as my major.
I am a poor teacher living pay check to pay check bu the knowledge, the passion, and the endless information that i get from the site(if you will allow to be silly for a moment) makes the richest person in the world.) I think it was Aristotle who said,"Knowledge is wealth." I true believe that.
I extend my gratitude to those who work fevorishly who continue to make this website enjoyable. Thank you Peter, for your teachings and kindness, thank you all!!!!!!

Blessed Be,
your friend in Arizona,
Rick Hogan Jr.
2nd February 2006Stephen Knight
Superb, interesting and infomative site and hopefully one day will furfill my dream to visit Rorkes drift as some of have detailed on the site, prior to this I will hopefully be visiting this year the five VC UK graves which I would not have known about if it had not been for this site.
2nd February 2006Alex
Cool site, keep this good work up. This site is really great!
1st February 2006Skip Tusa
I continue to be amazed by the courage of the Rooke's Drift defenders. To stand the line against such overwellming odds can not be comprehended.

I salute their bravery again.
31st January 2006bill stirling
tremendous site
puts paid to a lot of the myths surrounding rorkes drift
25th January 2006Brin
Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
24th January 2006PC Damion Murphy (Met Police ex British Army)
What a fabulous site, thank you very much. Like many, I have grown up with the film Zulu. Having read your site, I now feel that I have a better understanding of the gentlemen that fort that incredible battle.
God rest those wonderful men.
21st January 2006veronica gummer
127 years ago, yet the heart still stops when you read about it!
20th January 2006George Harris
see 12th of January. I have in the last week been interviwed by Radio Pembrokeshire and BBC Radio Wales about our efforts to recognise Private Thomas Collins of Camrose Haverfordwest who fought at Rorkes Drift in 1879.On Sunday & Monday its the 127th anniversary of the Battle let us all remember
the Men of the 24th of Foot who made history
those two days
19th January 2006BRUCE HEATH
I came across this sight by chance but having being interested in rokes Drift it is now very firmly in my favorites folder and now visit it regular it is one of the most interesting sites I have come across and dispels a lot of myths the more i look at it the more i learn.
18th January 2006Thomas Williams
Just wanted to boast of my relations to Color Sgt. Bourne As the Grandson of Douglas Bourne the great great grandson of Color Sgt. Bourne (it may be 3 greats) i am geartful for sites like this and for the film to re-inact what was.
it brings me joy to hear some of the comments made
thank you
12th January 2006GEORGE HARRIS
See messages early january. On evening of the 11th of January a meeting was held in county hall Haverfordwest, a Commitee was formed and much progress made towards recognising Pte Thomas Collins from Camrose Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshires only man in the famous Battle. A Memorial Stone with a Bronze Plaque is to sited in Pelcomb which is part of Camrose and a further Plaque will be sited in the Town of Haverfordwest in his honour. . A visit to proposed site of stone is to carried out tuesday next 17th of jan. Certain members have been tasked with aspects of obtaining a suitable stone and Plaque/s ..A further meeting is to be held on the 25th of Jan, a poposed date which is yet to be verified for the recognition is Mayday. Councillors present and to whom great thanks is due were Chairman Clive Collins,Peter Stock,Rosalie Lilwall and the Chairman& Vice Chairman of Camrose Community Council + a further County Councillor and myself who started this effort for Private Thomas Collins recognition at long last. i shall update you all on this wonderful site as we get decisions and dates etc. The RHQ from Cardiff will attend the 2 nd meeting ,Major Hooley will hopefully attend. Best wishes everyone George Harris
10th January 2006Frank McCarthy
Henry Hook was my great grandfather on my mother's side. His first born daughter Henrietta was my grandmother by his first wife Comfort. We attended the 100th anniversary of his death at Churcham in 2005. The visitor's book at the church is full of comments from people from all over the world
5th January 2006Tony Jones
This message is for David Gallagher.Hello David.The name,location and occupation that you mention would suggest a connection.If you e-mail me with your lineage,ie route back to the man you mention,and an e-mail adress that i can contact you with privately,i will be able to provide you with more details.All the best.Tony Jones.
5th January 2006GEORGE HARRIS
to Colin Fielding , No date finallised yet.We have a meetimg next \weds about this very subject.I will let all interested know result on this excellent site. Public will be able to attend
4th January 2006Colin Fielding
George Harris
Is there a provisional date for this ceremony and would it be possible to attend
3rd January 2006GEORGE HARRIS
excellent,I am involved in getting recognition for Pte Thomas Collins of Camrose near Haverfordwest who was Pembrokeshires only representative in the Battle. Recognition will be because of help of Cllrs Collins &Stock of Pembs County Council tohether with Cllr Roselie Lilwal of Pembroke. It is to be hoped a Memorial to Pte Thomas Collins will be erected and unveiled in early 2006,much thanks should be given to the Regimental Museum at Brecon,Lt Col Ashley Tinson the British Legion Medals expert and Camrose Community Councill. At long last this Hero of Rorkes Drift will receive the recognition he so well deserves. My efforts are a duty I feel and I am delighted that success now seems to be achieved. The more one thinks about this Battle the more one realises how magnificent was the defence of Rorkes Drift. These Men all heroes will never be forgotten.
2nd January 2006Alan Jones SGT Royal Engineers
Thank you....have just read all info on Lt Chard but would like to own books about the same gentleman. Does anyone out there know if there are such book on the market.

1st January 2006Nic
Have just watched Zulu'for the 'n' th time. It was really fascinating reading the true facts about the men who fought there.
1st January 2006Ball
Very good site - having visited both Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift several times in the past 10 years. I am always struck by the contrast in the sites. I was appalled at Isandhlwana on my first visit as regardless of the battle outcome, it is still a war grave and a fitting memorial to the fallen must be erected.....On a hot morning in January, dust blowing across that desolate field, the meagar white cairns appeared so pitiful - and forgotten. These men travelled so far from home to fight on a foreign shore should be remembered accordingly. They carried out their orders, dressed in outlandish, red wool uniforms and died in the process. The number of VCs awarded at Rorke's Drift was testament to the bravery of ALL the forces involved and I just feel the soldiers invloved in the earlier catastrophe is somewhat forgotten......Both my grandfathers went off to foreign parts in the Great War or 1914-18 and returned as wounded and damaged young men through doing their duty and serving their country. I want them to be remembered........Thank you
1st January 2006mark kaye
Just rewatched the film ZULU, and thought I would do a bit of exploration about the war. The film always has stuck in my mind as it was one my dad took me to see as a child. This is a great site to start learning a bit more about our history, Thank you. MNark.
1st January 2006Duane Jones
You have not mentioned the South Wales Borderers who actually fought this engagement and not the Warickshires,who were at Isandhlwana
1st January 2006Tony Gray
Excellent web site. I like the in-depth info combined with practicalities like acknowledging the worth of the film 'Zulu', despite its historical inaccuracies and the inclusion of the mp3 file of 'Men of Harlech' even when it was not sung a Rorke's Drift. Nice touches! Superb navigation too. My compliments.

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