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1st January 2006elizabeth whyatt
a fantastic website in every way. a fitting tribute to those who fought at Rorke's Drift,with excellent detail.a tribute to our history.
30th December 2005VINCENT
Hi, just come across this site, did a double bash of Zulu Dawn and Zulu the other day, i think Zulu is on telly New Years eve, visited Rorkes Drift And Isandlwana a few years back when i visited a friend in Durban SA, Anyone else out there collect Zulu medals????
29th December 2005Jojo
I am glad, that have seen this site. It was pleasant to me. I congratulate all happy New Year! Health, successes, love and happiness!
29th December 2005Jojo
I am glad, that have seen this site. It was pleasant to me. I congratulate all happy New Year! Health, successes, love and happiness!
27th December 2005Roger M. Ribert
Thank you for the information on this site!
26th December 2005Temmer
This is really great site and I like the opinions each person expresses on it. Thanks!
24th December 2005Vincent McEwan
Excellent site. Answered many questions for me.
18th December 2005Mark Williams
Fantastic site! This battle and the men who took part have facinated me since boyhood. There are not many young men around today who would even sign up, let alone fight in a battle with the odds so firmly against them. These men were real heroes!
16th December 2005Klon
...Nice! verry nice! )))
14th December 2005Jim Baillie
does anyone else know of any mistakes in zulu when filming. the only one i know is when corp allen gets shot in the shoulder. when he is shot its his right and later when hes bandaged up the wound is in his left shoulder. Anyone know of anymore?
13th December 2005JEFF HITCH
hi,any body out there that can throw light on what i said on the 25th November 2005?
11th December 2005Noel Kelly
excellent site.One of the most informative and so easy to use.Well done.
8th December 2005Bob Barkess
What a fantastic site! I have been interested in the Zulu war since seeing "Zulu",when it first came out. I think "Zulu dawn"was even better.Your web site is very interesting,especially the accounts of the battle written by the men.Keep up the good work.Excellent!
2nd December 2005David Gallagher
Its possable that i might have some connection
with pvt william Jones, my great Grandfather was called Albert Jones, he lived at Store street Beswick Manchester, I think he was a railway worker. I have always been fasanated by the battle of rokesdrift, and since I was a boy its always been on my mind, I dont know why strange isent it?
28th November 2005O-nilla
Nice...! Verry Nice! ))) Onilla from NY!
25th November 2005JEFF HITCH
Hi,from the age of 10 (1960) i had nightmares about being in a burning building with sharp items coming through the walls!!!! then I watched Zulu!!!! strange thing in my dreams and not in the film,several Zulus wore red sashes!!! Any ideas???
24th November 2005Charli
22nd November 2005Edward (Ted) Davidson
Cdn Sigs (retd). Still the most awesome and valuable site concerning these conflicts anywhere. Have never seen anything remotely approaching it. Please keep going.
Well done.
21st November 2005Melisa
I like this page. Nice work !
18th November 2005Terence(Terry) Hook
A great site, were I foud out more about Harry.
I am convinced that Harry is a relation of some sort, as my family history is centred around the west of Gloucester only a few miles from Churcham.
16th November 2005Bill Bourne
As you can see by my name i am trying to trace any family connection
6th November 2005Major Mark R.Tims
I brought a copy of the film "Zulu" to Iraq when I was deployed and showed it a group of officers the other evening here at Kirkuk Regional Air Base. Needless to say (we are not historians, just military men far from home) the film and the courage it portrayed (on both sides) was entertaining and inspirational. I have seen this film no less that 20 times since boyhood and was amazed at the positive response from those whom have never viewed it. I discovered the web site and passed on from airman to Colonel alike and they have enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you for a literate and inspiring examination of this episode in British history, a particular treat for the many of us with English surnames!! Maj. Tims
4th November 2005Robert S. Last
A fantastic site that pays a fitting tribute to the courage, professionalism and discipline of the British Army.
Noyice how the British Army is STILL teaching the U.S. Army how to fight a war! Sad to say.
3rd November 2005Bryan Robinson
I was proud to serve with 5 Field Squadron from Jan 1971 to April 1976. We would celebrate with a Rorkes Drift Day each year. I love to watch the film, and to think that I served in the same Squadron as Lt John Chard. A true piece of history.
1st November 2005s-e palmbring
regarding the battle of isandlhwana itīs remarkable to notice the similarities between this tragedy and the battle of Little Big Horn. On both occasions commanding officers were unable to "read" the map of reality and this blindness combined with arrogance left thousands dead on "the field of glory". The great major Robert Rodgers of the famous Rodgerīs Rangers used to say:" Nothing is more important in warfare than to understand what you actually see in front of You "..and you might add: nothing is more dangerous than to underestimate your enemy.
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