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3rd January 2005Graham R. Harris
Thank you for an excellent and well documented website. This afternoon, BBC showed "Zulu" and I watched it, probably the 20th time. A wonderful film and although, as your informative site points out, it may contain certain inaccuracies, remains a classic of the "genre".
3rd January 2005Patrick Eden
Having spent the Christmas season frustratedly channel hopping TV in order to avoid the rubbish we get served up in the UK at the moment, I have had the pleasure of being able to watch 'Zulu" twice in the last few days. Deciding to browse Google for mor infomation I came across your excellent site. Many thanks
3rd January 2005jim kelleher
great account of your trip to a wonderful place,very well written and presented would love to do the same one day
3rd January 2005edward walker
after watching the film you have an overwellming feeling of pride that their where some great british soldiers that have fought for the freedom off people all over the world lets keep this up
2nd January 2005Ronald Mansfield
Excellent website! I have been a fan of the movies Zulu & Zulu Dawn for many years & a student of the war. I look forward to future updates & learned a lot from your site. Thank you & keep up the great work.
2nd January 2005Stuart Payne
I was surfing along and came across your website.I just wanted to say that this is a very useful site, it is user friendly and also very informative.
2nd January 2005william john thomas
hello i have been folowing the battle with the zulus for a long time .
it was thrilling to see how the zulus put up a great fight against the gun,
and how the welsh fought a come back to regain ground at roakes drift this is a great web site for someone like me to see the men who fought and died there.
thank you for the insight
23rd December 2004Engraved Signs
I was surfing along and came across your website.I just wanted to say that this is a very useful site, it is user friendly and also very informative.Greetings from Engraved signs,UK
22nd December 2004david eppel
Like so many I was greatly moved by the heroism of both sides. I was lucky enough to visit Rorke's Drift in 1990,and feel an affinity for Africa,having lived in Zimbabwe for some years,but it's Natal that holds a special place in my heart. Hamba kahle
22nd December 2004Charles Kennard
I just wanted to congratulate you on a web site very well done, having always had an interest in the subject, it's great to see a lot of the information in the one place. Andrew Barrett's summary is a good one, Brave men from both sides are to be widely admired, but war ultimately has very few winners.
22nd December 2004mr andrew paul barrett
I would like to say that there were no winners on 22nd january 1879 as the British should have not crossed the Buffalo river and the Zulu,s after their victory at Isandhlwana didn,t need to attack the Hospital at Rorkes drift after the initial victory but one day next year,I will go to Natal and shake the hand of a "real life"Zulu in person.I send my warmest reagrds to the Zulu nation form Andy in kings lynn norfolk England!!
21st December 2004R. Torres Sp4USARet
Sometimes folks forget what true sacrifice means, But I guess we that have shared it or been part of it, know it best. This film like others like it will always inspire us that watch them. I have had some of my boys watch them with me, so they know why there father likes them so much, And on many occasions I would tell them “Come and see what a little courage can achieve when all else fails”. How many of us have felt that emptiness of despair in life or in conflict, but always deep down we find the hope, courage and resilience to overcome the what others perceive as the end. It’s possible the same went through minds of those brave souls at Rorkes Drift and many other known and unknown places ware folks fought and died. May the Lord keep there souls…….

“Brave Rifles 3/3 ACR”
17th December 2004Frank Lewis
Having English born parents, and my father serving in WW1, with the 991st Infantry Bn., I am always awed and inspired by a British war movie. This film, along with Gunga Din and the original version of 4 Feathers, remains my greatest movie adventures. As the Color Sergeant might have said "We fight for God, King and country."
15th December 2004Charles P. Zangger, Capt. USMCRet
I have viewed this movie countless times over these many years, the actual event inspires me now as it did in 1964 prior to my service in the USMC.
14th December 2004Peter MacDonald
how wonderful it is to come to this site and get all the information a zulu war collector could want.
keep up the excellent work
12th December 2004John Williams
Brilliant site has to be the best, found the site after a suggestion from Martin Everett (curator R.R.W. Museum) thanks a lot
10th December 2004Colin McJannett
Very informative and user friendly site. Well done!
8th December 2004gemma
this is a fab web site with lots of information its the best
6th December 2004ken +john
still the best
4th December 2004Sharkey Clark
Brilliant site with lots of very usefull information and great discussion forum.
30th November 2004Paul Kent
I attended the Anglo-Zulu war centenary in 1979 ..and have visited Rorke; Drift twice. Very powerful testimony of two groups of brave soldiers one British one Zulu.
29th November 2004James Barker
I came across this site after looking for the song, Men of Harlich, I come on to listen to it all the time. It fills me with great pride, and Honour to say im British.
28th November 2004Gilles Fournel
A great lesson of bravour and courage. An excellent site for a facinating story.
27th November 2004Bruce Mathews
Can anyone tell me where i can get my hands on John Chard's memoirs or memoirs of other chaps who fought at rorkes drift?

19th July 2004RERO DANIELS
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