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3rd February 2004murray shepstone
on both sides so many died, and as history shows for what
2nd February 2004Wayne Laurence
A most informative website on a most intersting stage in British history. However, I am intrigued at the use of the word 'Anglo' in place of 'British' - my understanding is that the word 'Anglo' means 'English'. Since when has Britain become England - England is only part of Britain. Even us Kiwis understand that.
1st February 2004Ted Barker
Very interesting, it seems that the movie and reality again are not the same but that does not take away what those men accomplished. Brave men all.
31st January 2004Hank Lamour
They were men. RIP. Great site.
30th January 2004Neill Soane
A fitting tribute and memorial to the men (both Zulu and British) who fought and died in the battle. Congratulations on one of the best websites around!
29th January 2004Jaye Lindsay
I am the great great grand daughter of Anthony Clarke Booth (Victoria Cross recipient) and am searching for more information about him. This website has been a great help, thankyou.
25th January 2004John Savage
Rest In Peace. Brave few.
25th January 2004BYKER HILL
24th January 2004David Owen John Shergold
A salute to Private John Shergold , a survivor.
24th January 2004shaun parish artist sculptor u.k.
very well presented website thankyou shaun parish artist sculptor u.k.
23rd January 2004John Drabier
I have watched this movie many times as have the others that have signed in. I am always amazed at the bravery and loyalty on both sides. It reminds a bit of the 300 Spartans at Thermopalyae..although many of the Welsh lived to tell their story!..I wanted to add that my grandfather, Albert Wells, a Welshman, participated in the Relief of Ladysmith but many years later during the Second Boer War. He was a "stoker" aboard "HMS Terrible" and later saw action during the Boxer Rebellion in Peking!...This deployment took over two years!...He died in 1945 after retiring from the Royal Navy..Hip hip...!
22nd January 2004Alejandro
Congratulations for the excellent web site in the 125th anniversary of the battle.
22nd January 2004Mark Rallison
Hi, fantastic site. I was wondering if anyone had any information on Thomas Driscoll or Patrick Desmond. Thomas was in the 2nd Battalion and Patrick was in the 1st Bat. Thomas died while spend time living with Patrick Desmonds family. Any information would be very helpful thankyou.
21st January 2004Robbie B White
As an x sqaddie & Janner with 15 years in. I must say the site is a cracker. Off to S,A, this year to do my thing, hope to have something set up to that could interest you all. However cant resist saying to all our Welsh Bretheren 2nd Warwichshires
21st January 2004Mike Barbieri
I watched "ZULU" when it first came out in '64 and have seen it several times since. For nearly 30 years, I have been doing American Revolutionary War re-enactments and at the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Monmouth in New Jersey in 1978, the park showed the movie Sat. night. The film has become something of a cult movie in re-enactment circles even though it is of a different era. Realizing this is the 125th anniversary of the action, I looked for some related internet sites and came across yours. Great job! Loads of info! Looking forward to rummaging through all the information and discussion messages. Thanks.
16th January 2004Paul
In order to celebrate the 125th anniversary, I have requested Foxtel to attempt a rerun of the movie ZULU on Encore channel, which last aired in December 2003. I believe if there was a sudden rush of requests we may get to see it. Please contact your local cable tv carrier soon.
13th January 2004Douglas Anderson
Excellent job on your website! I enjoyed it very much and will tell others about it.
13th January 2004Robert W Anderson
Great site - And a fitting tribute to men who showed what they were made of at Rorkes dirft. Hail Britania
13th January 2004ian mcguigan
it's great to see so many mesages regarding the film zulu, i first saw the film when released back in the 60's and it ran for 7 days,i went every night mesmerized, i have seen the film over 350 times and it's still has good as the first time (a timeless clasic)
10th January 2004victoria house
Anyone related to Edmund Otoole VC winner in Ulundi in 1879 ? If so I am trying to prove my connection to him as its a family story that he is a part of my family tree. Please email me if you are trying to research too.

Also great website.
10th January 2004R D Smith
Where is the grave of RD defender John CANTWELL? Is it in Durban Natal SA?
10th January 2004Ian Watson
I got the DVD of ZULU for xmas this year after dropping many hints to my children. I am slowly indoctrinating them to this great movie although I am constantly being told to turn it down by my wife. The singing and chanting of both sides still brings me out in goosebumps.
I first saw ZULU at the local drive-in back in 1964 when I was 9. I still remember my family wondering why,at the end of the movie, Colour Seargeant Bourne failed to win the V.C. My Dad who was in the Australian army for the full 6 years of WW2 and whose father was the RSM of the 1st Canadian Pioneers towards the end of WW! had the opinion that he was just doing his job. I personally think he was ripped off.
I'm not sure if it still is but ZULU used to be shown as a training film in the army to show the value of discipline.
Zulu is the only movie I can sit down and watch from start to finish time and time again without skipping bits.
PS: This is a great website. How many other movies still have this much interest after 40 years!
7th January 2004Mike Grigg
After watching Zulu more than 100 times, I was fortunate to work out in ladysmith in November 2003 for 2 weeks. Can you imagine how I felt going to such an amazing place as Roarkes drift, Islanwanna, Blood River, and Spion Kop. I signed the visitors books, and will cherish the memories forever. Hoping to go back later in the year.
5th January 2004Staff Sgt James Mace, U.S. Army
As an American Soldier of British decent, I am awestruck by the sheer valor and tenacity displayed by the British Soldiers at Rorkes Drift. I find Colour Sgt Bourne to be especially inspiring. He is a credit to the NCO Corps and an example of valor defined. What I find most interesting is that one of the most glaring errors in the movies is the ages of the combatants. It wasn't until I read about Frank Bourne on this site that I realized he was only 24 at the time of the battle! He must have been a "high flyer" indeed to have risen to the equivelent of an American 1st Sgt / E8 at such a young age. Excellent site, well researched, and I do enjoy all the new stuff that is continuously added. Regards,
James M. Mace
SSG, U.S. Army
5th January 2004Matt
Thanks for the great website on such a unique battle. It helped put the engagment in perspective and added clarity to the "Zulu" film. Keep up the excellent work.
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