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12th March 2003william p. harner
I saw the movie zulu and it was the best movie i ever see!!!!! remember the words faith,hope,and brave.
12th March 2003ben fegan
I have seen and enjoyed the movie many times. It was most interesting to see a few facts clarified. Whilst a certain amount of poetic licence can be expected I think that on the whole the total experience is probably a fairly true account of what might well have happened. Very interesting site.
9th March 2003William A. Wright
Seldom have I ever come across a more scholarly and interesting website. It was a joy to visit. Good job, lads!
7th March 2003Alan Morton
A query for AlanC maybe.
Army medical dept surgeon,
GHK O,Callaghan,Maybe not at rorkesdrift but was he in the campaign elsewhere.?
cheers Alan M.
27th February 2003alan morton
glued to your site great way to spend afew hours remembering the gallant 24th
alan 2bn RHR
27th February 2003Mina Panic
Zulu - The True Story, BBC Television
For the first time, the true events of the January 22nd 1879 will be told focusing on the stories of the men of one regiment - the 24th Regiment of the South Wales Borderers.
The BBC Timewatch team is interested to talk to relatives of those who fought bravely on that day.
Please contact Mina Panic on [email protected]
Many thanks
27th February 2003NICK
great site,my son loves the movies,so do I,would love to hear from anyone,why dont they make a pc game for zulu,like ghost recon style???
25th February 2003jock
To the site owners ...
my partner has just completed a Zulu dawn painting , same as the zulu dawn VHS cover, rough size is 19" x 22" .
we'd like to know if the site owners would let us post the Pic on this site ? purely to show the people who love the Zulu films the painting
as its really nice !
please get back to us and we'll post the painting in your forum .
24th February 2003scott ryan
as a child i would spend hours watching zulu, i recently watched the film again and became taken with it all again, i wish to know is the museum still in brecon( i went there 15 years ago)....
24th February 2003roger hughes
23rd February 2003Eddy
Salut to te brave.
Respect for the Brittain.
21st February 2003diane rensch
My husband Dennis and I have just visited Rorke's Drift and stayed at Fugitive's Drift (David Rattray). Whilst there he talked about "Chops" Mossop and his book "Running the Gauntlet". Is this book still in production?

Diane Rensch
19th February 2003Alan Morton
Thanks again Alan C for more info on the Rorkes Drift defenders in graveyards in Liverpool and Merseyside.
19th February 2003george rorke
I am a decendant of James Rorke. I am from Kwa-Zulu Natal in SOUTH AFRICA, but precently working in the UK(KENT).
I have correspondance given to me by my late father wriitten by the son of RORKE of RORKE'S DRIFT.
18th February 2003Alan Morton
Many thanks to Alan Critchley for the info on the graves of rorkesdrift defenders in Liverpool cemeteries.It is a start . Do you know of any others in Merseyside.?
17th February 2003Barney Wakeling
Excellent site - a must for all battlefield nuts. I now have a new ambition to visit as many of the VC winners graves I can. Heading to South Africa for the cricket next week - hope to get to Rorkes Drift/Isandlhwana. How far is it from Umhlanga rocks Durban anyone?
16th February 2003Alan Morton
The site is great.
can anyone tell me about the graves in a Liverpool cemetery belonging to soldiers who where at rorkesdrift. As this was told to me
I have yet to confirm,
16th February 2003Stan Protokowicz
Nice site.
14th February 2003Princess Kia
This is a great sight and i loved it.Hope this sight gets a lot more people coming to this sight it does well considering people thinking that i most probably is boring but it tis not.
12th February 2003billy
zulu may have been a great film bu tpte henry hook was treated wrongly in it,when you read his account of the battle you wonder how they could treat ahero this way
11th February 2003Geordie Nairn
Excellent site, very informative. I'm planning a return to both Rorke's Drift and Isadhlwana in Nov 03 (last visited in 1995 but arrived quite late and had to rush the visit, sadly). Looking forward to it. Many thanks, Geordie.
10th February 2003Joseph
Hi, My Great great great grandad was John Williams (Fielding), It's cool to be able to come on here and find out more about him. Thanks.
9th February 2003claude kozbiel
8th February 2003Colum O'Rourke
Dear Alan and all
Great Web site. I'd love to visit the famous sites of R.Drift and Isandhlwana some day. It's flaming hard to find info on me great uncle Jim Rorke, it appears that his family left Ireland for South Africa after the Great Famine here in Ireland. Any info could you send me. Thanks
7th February 2003COL Rod W. Loos
just found the web site. What a great memorial for the brave men at Rorkes Drift. I will keep coming back to learn more.
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