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12th January 2007RobertJ
Very interesting and very pretty website. :)
Good luck and keep up good work.
Best regards.
11th January 2007HelenJames
Very intersting site
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes. Helen
31st December 2006Robin Gibson
What a great site, I found it after a quick search. Coming from a military family I have always had a great interest of all things Miltary but few I have found more interesting than this site. Bravo!!
30th December 2006John Mellor
This site is with out doubt one of the best sites (if not the best) I've visited in over 15 years using the Internet. Well done! Incidentally Zulu has always been my favourite film since I first saw it as a 16 year old in 1964, yeh I know it ainít historical accurate but what the heck.
I grew up in Chiswick, W London and lived very near Chiswick Old Cemetery to give itís proper name. And was always intrigued by a grave surmounted by a huge block of granite draped in a relief of the Union Flag dedicated to Fredrick Hitch V.C for the heroic defence of Rorkes Drift with a huge bronze replica of a V.C along with Pilth Helmet adorned with also in bronze the badge of S.W.B. Well it was not until the release of the film Zulu when I finally discovered what Rorkes Drift was and have remained an ardent fan if thatís the right word of Fred and all the others who fought so courageously at the battle of Rorkes Drift .Sadly about 10 or 12 years ago some barstewards stole the bronze replica of the V.C along with the bronze replica of the S.W.B badge which had adorned the helmet ďis nothing sacredĒ.
Local people had been through all the hardship following the Great War and the depression of the 1920ís when you had no Social Security or Welfare Benefit and through the austerity of the 50ís and nobody had thought to steal them for there monetary value, and believe me Chiswick was not the upmarket area it has become now ďI know I lived thereĒ. Yet come the greedy thoughtless 90ís and as Iíve previously stated some low life has to steal them to purely no doubt for there scrap value . Not all is doom and gloom however a new V.C in white Portland stone unfortunaly not as splendid as the first has replaced the stolen one. So again I say what a fantastic site well done. Iíve also brought a brick for the wall.
Theirs is the Glory
30th December 2006diane
I am the great, great,great,great,great, niece of Robert Jones! I now believe that Robert's headstone has been turned around, following his family's fight to turn around the verdict of suicide.
I must add how proud my children now & I are of being related to Private Robert Jones.
30th December 2006Warren
29th December 2006terry
as always it inspires me seeing how i fought in vietnam makes me humble very brave men
28th December 2006lucas hook
henry hook was my great great uncle!! i might be able to get hold of some stuff for your foster carers funnily enough are also related to him aswell as me and my dads side of the family.. they had a copy of his birth and death certificate,letters to and from his family. if i can get hold of thenm i will give you a copy of everything and send it to i have been researching henry hook for a long time i do have some things i can share with you!!!! if you have any questions email me at [email protected]!!!
25th December 2006Jean Allerton
We have just found out that one on my husbands relations was in this war his mother was called a George Ward can anyone help please.
Happy holiday to you all
20th December 2006Skip Tusa
Happy Holiday to everyone.
19th December 2006susan hook
This is a very interesting website. Henry Hook was my grandfather's uncle. I am tryng to get more information on Henry Hook for an article I am writing for our local historical society (Mortlake Historical Society), in Victoria, Australia.
16th December 2006lucas hook
ive been researching my greatgranfather x4........(pte. alfred henry hook)....and what i have found about him amazed me...all of the brave hearted soldiers done for this contry is beautiful.and i would like to find someone if they read this message to email me if they have anything that could help me on my quest to conquer what i think and what i know my greatgranfather done.i have now been reasearching constantly for the last 7 years.thanks for your help.godbless.
15th December 2006Ken Surch
Hi and glad to have found your forum site. I found this while seeking an old friend, Keith Smith, from Saltley Grammar School in Birmingham UK who I knew had written books concerning the Zulu wars. It appears to me that there is a bit of a gap between this interface and the new forum site, but I will get to know it I am sure. Can you talk to me if you find this Keith please? Ken Surch
14th December 2006Eleanor Devaney
I have only spent a short while browsing your site but I will certainly get back to it. I am a
great granddaughter of sergeant anthony booth, and stumbled upon this site while trying to find info on the family. My sons will also be very interested when I tell them.
12th December 2006Mike Balmforth.
I am truly enthralled with your website, I was born in Stanmore. Middlesex 1935. my grandfather used to thrill me with his stories of the Boer War. He was in the Dorsetshires and his medals bore the magic names of Ladysmith, Spion Kop. I have just reread Wilbur Smiths account of Rorkes Drift in the Lion Feeds and now I am going to watch Stanley Bakers great movie again which I own . Once again thank you for your much researched website.
3rd December 2006VINCENT.DYSON
3rd December 2006DAVID MC CHESNEY
(awesome) coming from scotland as a boy was always told of this amazing feat of bravery by my father who was in the forces but (as im aware)not linked to these events,i have the DVD as well as video but still get goosbumps and proud every time i watch this ,i am and always will be proud to be 4 sons in turn now are very familiar with these events so thats another generation of appreciation.once again thanks
2nd December 2006James Harris
wow, im a 15 year old boy who was raised in South Sfrica but i am English. My great great great grandfather served and died at isandhlwana. I found this website looking for the song that the two jones sing in the film ZULU. All i can say is what a brilliant website
2nd December 2006Larry Stephan
Very good site.I've always been a great admirer of the British soldier, his guts and fortitude. Long may the memory of these heroic days and the men who shaped them live.
30th November 2006d. bodycote
excellent website.
always been interested in the zulu war. just found out that 4 soldiers of my unusual surname were in the war and i am trying to find out if any were related to me
28th November 2006G Turner
very interesting site
it has made up my mind to reseach two medals i have had for about thirty years which were given to me by my Nan one is the 1879 zulu war medal the other is the long service and good conduct medal both awarded to J MOORE 1/24 AND SWB i think he was my Great uncle does any body know what they are worth?
27th November 2006Mr Grigson
Excellent work, realy enjoyed the site!
25th November 2006Ed
You left out the best quote from the film:
Zulus Sir, Thousands of 'em
24th November 2006alan hindmarch
i am glad i have found this web site,i have always been interested in the zulu wars,and leave about 3 miles from lt bromhead's family home at thurlby hall
16th November 2006alan forbes
this website is fantastic
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