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3rd January 2003Robert Maunder
Zului is my favourite film of all time and I must have watched it 50+ times. It is all the more remarkable to consider it is a TRUE story (albeit with poetic licence as pointed out on this site). But from such myths stories of bravery and courage arise
1st January 2003Paul Downie
Fantastic web site. I was in SA 2 yrs ago but unfortunately did not have the time to go east and visit. I am going back in 2004 (honeymoon) and I am trying to persuade the wife to give me a day or 2 off to make the pilgrimage.
1st January 2003Geoff
Regarding the below message: Are we still allowed to be proud of being British? I was recently accussed of being racist at work because of my interest in British history, and the Anglo-Zulu was in partucular, and told to remove the small Union Jack from my desk becuase of "The Offence it causes". Needless to say the Union Jack stayed !!!!
29th December 2002Russ
i'd like to say how proud i am for the guys at Rokes Drift, against unbelievalbe odds, they held, fighting shoulder to shoulder without the thought of running, they are heros each n every one at that farm house in Africa, it sums up the pride, respect and spirit of the British Army, well done lads ur appricated more than u'll ever know, it is cos of these guys and a few other battles where our guys did us proud and defied the odds that im proud and honoured to be British. Russ
29th December 2002Tom
Hello. everyone.
This site is brilliant! you may be interested to know that i have a famous distant relative by the name of robert jones, who was at rorkes drift and won a vc for his action. About ten years ago my uncle married a Zulu, who was a relative of the chief of the Zulu Inldondlo regiment, who fought at Rorkes drift also!
28th December 2002andy
great site thanks
28th December 2002jack bourdiniey
goood site. i luv it! nice heroes and other things.
ps: can sum1 email me with info on the unknown soldier.
jack bourdiniey
27th December 2002Robert williams
hello again.
i would like to inform you that a man in canada
makes war memrobelia from 1760 to world war 1. He has helmets and parts of uniforms
from the time periods. He also has the helments from the zulu war and 2nd boer war. If you would like to take a look at his website it is He also has iformation on other colonial wars that were also interesting
26th December 2002Robert williams
hi im from british columbia i was looking over your site and found it very well done, im
a loyalist to great britain and i look over sites
on colonial battles and this one is my favorite
good job and merry christmas and happy new year
23rd December 2002summers
hold them hold them!
23rd December 2002David Cunniffe
I served in 1st Battalion S.W.B. When the film came to a local cinema I seem to remember we were paraded as a Battalion to go see it. We all believed it was our Battalion. Later on I discovered that it was actually the Warwicks, but by then, guess what, I had transferred to the Warwicks, or what they had become - 2 RRF.
21st December 2002Jim Aitken
Here in Ontario we used to have a small group of military model enthusiasts who met monthly. Would you believe one of our group actually fell asleep during a viewing of"Zulu" on TV! Congrats on your page and Season's Greetings from Canada!
21st December 2002 Pte.Thomas Tweney- UE ( ret'd)
From Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, an excellent site and tribute to those gallant solders, who stood, at Rorke's Drift, against tremendous odds, because they were the only ones there. Today, you only hear negative comments about, the British Colonial Wars, and History. Those, who have not served, in the military, just don't get it!
20th December 2002Paul Douglas Stewart
I too am a committed team member of Rorkes Drift FC - I have the upmost respect for my current compatriots as well for our heroic namesakes.
20th December 2002Fella
I am also a member of the auspicious Rorkes Drift football team. The heroes of Rorkes Drift were obviously made of seriously stern stuff -a bit like the members of our football team.
P.S. Can I have a cheap polo shirt please.
20th December 2002Andy
I wholeheartedly agree with that Mark fella
20th December 2002vern
I'm the team mate of mark (below).Please visit rorke's drift f.c site.
'You only as brave as the fear inside you'

19th December 2002mark
Truely inspiration stuff. The heroes of rorkes drift should never be forgotten. We have named our football team after them
17th December 2002jack
Even if some of the details are a tad suspect it is still a grand ,blood stirring yarn ...unless you happen to be a Zulu !!
17th December 2002tess
just found out i had a great grandfather at rorkes drift name of clark good site thanks
17th December 2002Missy
i just watched the movie Zulu in my history class thought it was very interesting and i would like to learn more
13th December 2002Stan Walton
I have watched the film many times over the years, and and it is a great tribute to the those who lost their lives and to those who servived this battle from the British army and the Zulu nation, let us not forget their memory, and all others who lost there lives in wars.
Excellent web page Keep up the good work.
12th December 200227 IDX 106 - Odinn
Very good webpage you have here,
and best greetings to all your visitors.

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11th December 2002Chris Harrington
Great site, learnt a lot of facts about what really happened at Rorke's Drift. Hope 1 day they will make a more realistic account of the battle and the heroes of Rorke's Drift.
7th December 2002Sharon Kennedy
Matthew Rowe, relative, article in Penrith Observer says he was part of 24th Lancs Foot (bootmaker) and one of 104 from Rorkes Drift - can you hekp me clarify this??
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