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3rd December 2002PETER.HARMAN
I read an E-Mail to robert in the Discussion forum.With regards to Sir Stanley Baker purchasing CHARDS .V.C. this is true but unfortunally it was a re-cast of the original.
Sir Stanley Baker to succumbed to the disease that claimed CHARD.
1st December 2002Peter Harman
I have read many books on the zulu wars.And to this day I cannot understand why the british coloum that had moved out of isandhlwana to so long o return to isandhlwana after hearing the camp was under attack.I also read that when they had returned to isandhlwana someone was seen to removed something from Durnfords body.Could this have been an order he received that was kept quite.And why were 2 officers ordered to save the colours.And I do recall reading that a private saw melvill on his own when records show he was with coghill. It is with out doubt that the army of those days were certainly men they fell like stones each one his his place. At it is brave mens blood that stains the battle field of isandhlwana.On both sides.Does anyone know anything of L/C Harman that is listed has being at the battle of Isandhlwana.
28th November 2002Peter Hopkins
I have only just started using the net on advice from a freind, I have been a Zulu historian since I first saw the film in 1964, he said you can get a lot of info on the net, of all the sites I have visited yours is without doubt the most informative i have seen, keep up the good work, you are a credit to their memory.
22nd November 2002Edward (Ted) Davidson
Canadian. What an absolutely phenomenal site. Everything you always wanted to know, (and more!) about two of history's most fascinating battles. These were real soldiers, the backbone of the Empire in immortal actions that should never be forgotten. My sincere compliments on genuinely super work!!
21st November 2002Dean Bearcroft
I would like to thank you for such a wonderful web site, it is heartening to know that the memory of our heroes and the terrible sacrifice of the Zulus and British will always be remembered and honoured forever.
20th November 2002Gwyllim Parry
Of all the memories I am most proud of is seeing the items from the movie on display as the film was released for the first time in the town of Flint, Flintshire, North Wales many years ago, has to be the most treasured. From there at the age of eleven I gave my first one man show act on the Zulu War in front of my class. More than forty years later I am still standing there with Chard and Hook, et al. Each time I put on that red jacket and pick up my Martini-Henri to do a show I still get that thrill of `Being there'. If there is already an organisation for Zulu fanatics in the Chicago area, or you are interested in forming one, please contact me.
18th November 2002Maureen Jones
Hi there Paul i haven't your current e-mail address please e-mail me again and give it to me.Dearly love to talk to you asp... maureen
16th November 2002Robert A. Rorke
If anyone knows who the "Rorke" was that the drift was named after, I would be most appreciative. Thanks much.

Robert A. Rorke
11th November 2002Thomas P. Foy
My father took me to see the film "Zulu" when I was 10 years old. He told me his mother's uncle was killed fighting the Zulus. My grandmother came to the U.S. in the early 1900's at the age of 4. I do not know what part of England she was from. Her
maiden name was Conners. Was there any
Conners listed amoung the defenders of Rorkes Drift?
9th November 2002Gary Pechette
Hello All,
As a Corporal in HM24th Foot in North America I am pleased that a web site dedicated to Rokes Drift exist. My unit recreates the 24th as it existed during the Burgoyne campaign Of 1777 in New York's Hudson Valley. We hope to one day complete a kit to represent the period of Rorke's Drift.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the 24th Foot in North America. We are headquartered in upstate NY near the City of Saratoga Springs. Close by is the site of the Battle of Saratoga in which the 24th under Simon Fraser played an important role.
Gary Pechette,Corporal
24th Foot
8th November 2002julie jones
Please can anybody give me any information on a james owen,who is apparentely buried in bethel church cemetery sketty,his body was apparentley brought home from rorkes drift after losing his life in the battle.Iam very interested in any information anybody can give me.thankyou
7th November 2002JAMES J. MARLOWE, II, ESQ.
What a wonderful sight!!!!! Absoluterly fantastic! Question: What, if anything, is on the front of the green polo shirts, i.e., the one's available wiith the choice of one of four(wonderful) quotes from the film? All the best. jim marlowe
5th November 2002christy bluewell
i like this site. it helped me get the answers i needed for a skool question about our fav movie. James booth is FINE!!! I LUV him as Hook!!!
christy b
25th October 2002Eoin Lynch
I didnt realise that 16 Irish soliders helped the defence of Rorke's Drift.At least their memories will be remebered in this wonderful and noble site.
22nd October 2002Alan Critchley
Paul & Maureen,
contact me with your full email addresses and I'll forward, otherwise you may pass like ships in the night.

Neither of your names here are email connected.

[email protected]
21st October 2002PAUL HOOK
i didnt get any mail!!! did you send it to the right address??!! id really love to talk to you maureen
20th October 2002Maureen
Paul Hook-
Youve got mail. Please email me back ASAP. I am very interested in talking to you.
20th October 2002George Buss
Just found this truly wonderful site. Please keep up the outstanding work.
18th October 2002Mr.M.D.Adendorff
Hi, my name is mike and i was born in south africa. My grandmother told me that we were related to lieutenant James Adendorff of the natal native contjngent.It would be facinating to research this but i'm unsure on how to proceed with this. If there is anybody on the net who may have any information or advice please email me.
13th October 2002Trevor Finney
I am In no way related,even remotely to anyone that fought at the Drift or their decendants.
So why do I feel I should have been there.
Maybe I was in a previouse life.
Just Maybe!!!!!
8th October 2002claire brooks
My Great Grandfather, Thomas Moffat, served with the Second Battallion, 24th Regiment of the South Wales Borderers, in Jan
1877.He served in B Company at the defence of Rorke's Drift. He also served in Gibralter and India, returning to England in Jan 1883.
In 1925 he was presented to King George V along with Thomas (Todger) Jones who had won the VC and DCM in the First World War.
Thomas Moffatt died in Runcorn on November 1936 at the age of 80.
3rd October 2002Pete Newman
This is a wonderful site. Having been fascinated by the terror and heroism at Rorkes Drift from seeing the film as a lad, I have just returned from the Battlefields area of Kwa-Zulu Natal with my Wife and baby. My wife grew up in SA and had been to Rorkes Drift about 15 years previously. Isandhlwana was very moving on that early spring day we were there - very bleak - what a place to die. The monument could do with a little restorative work.

Then onto Rorkes Drift down the road running parallel with the Fugitives Trail. There is one point with a layby where you can see the Buffalo River crossing, the Drift and Isandhlwana, to get in perspective the length and gruelling terrain of the Fugitive's flight. Rorke's Drift has sprung up more trees and buildings in the past 15 years.

The thing that stuck in my mind was the small cliff (mercifully) at the front of the position from where the 24th repelled the first attack. Also how open the land is in front of the mission - of course not like the situation in the film with the hills close in on three sides.

For me, sitting quietly in the middle of the ring of stones showing where the redoubt could have been was very moving indeed. A quick recital of Men of Harlech did the trick.

A beautiful part of the world.
27th September 2002Richard Abbott
Ever since the film I have always been interested in this particular battle. I have a Martini-Henry rifle reputedly to have been used at Rorkes Drift. A truly remarkable story of courage on both sides.
20th September 2002Alun Jones
Dropped a clanger on my e-mail address last I visited this site.......ops.
the above is correct
19th September 2002Joseph Sinopoli
Splendid site! Very informative. I have personally seen "Zulu" a dozen or so times and it reamins one of my favrite films. You have done a remarkable job at providing insite to such a historical event and have done the men at the Drift a great service.
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