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17th September 2002Gary laliberty
Hi Lou,
You need to Look to the Left on this Web site, and scroll down to..."More Information" and then click on "Popular Myths". On that page scroll down about half way,and then click on this link..."View the Song Lyrics". The lyrics for the song from movie are here.
17th September 2002Peter Fielding
I am the great grandson of John (Williams) Fielding and have recently returned from a visit to the Battlefields with my brother. A magnificent and moving experience, as no amount of prior reading or film watching quite prepared me for the vast scale of the battle at Isandhlwana or the confines of Rorke's Drift. We stayed at Fugitives Drift Guesthouse which is run by David and Nicky Rattray and I found the talks he gave informative and moving in the extreme, and their hospitality superb. As we only managed to stay three days I cannot wait to return to South Africa and suggest to those of you interested in the Anglo-Zulu war that you try your hardest to make the trip.
Thank you for a great site which continues to generate interest in such an epic event.
17th September 2002Lou Ebert
Can't seem to locate lyrics to the song that was sung before the last battle in the film?? What is the title of the song? Any help out there would be appreciated. Yes! ZULU is one of those which I deem a "classic" film.
16th September 2002Duncan Livingston
I just watched the movie 'Zulu' starring Michael Caine and wanted to find some background info on Rorkes Drift. I enjoyed your pictures and info especially as I grew up in South Africa.
16th September 2002Alun Jones
Very good site. Well done
Have masses of info on R/D defenders not just VC's.
Have family tree of Hook family going back 200 years.
9th September 2002Brien Richards
I have enjoyed this movie from the first time I watched it. I was a 19 year old warior in
Vietnam, 1966 & 1967, Pointman, Recondo Platoon, HHC, 2/502nd INF, 1st
BDE (Seperate), 101st Airborne Division. I have the greatest respect and empathy\
for the Warriors on both sides of the battle at Rorks Drift. I can watch this film over and over,
and never get bored.

I salute all those who served on those 2 historic days; both Brittish and Zulu.
Thank you for this site.


Brien Richards
Kingman, Arizona, USA
8th September 2002mark carse
great of the best millitary ones i have seen.....
7th September 2002JOHN RADFORD
6th September 2002maureen&heather
from paul hook having trouble with mail address click on name for my mail address hope to hear from u soon
5th September 2002john mazzy
hi again!
i did some family researching and i think im related to Queen Victoria! its not a rd defender but its great all the same. just a few more people to trace and i think i will be related to her and ill prove it. great site again. john
4th September 2002PAUL HOOK
having trouble with mail address comes back user unkown been away on hols for 4 weeks
sorry for delay.
27th August 2002Peter Critchley

The file is now available at:


25th August 2002Peter Critchley

We're looking into it.. Sorry for any inconvienience..

24th August 2002Dale
Good site! Please remove security restrictions from the Frank Bourne 1936 transcription of the battle. Thanks!
23rd August 2002Jon
I have just browsed through the pages and would like to add my praise for the high standards of information displayed here. Just a little filip about Robert Jones VC. Whilst visiting Brecon during the GJ event I sat down with my grandson at a table next to an elderly lady and we began to chat about the Regiment, it transpired that she was a relative of Robert Jones his grandaughter I believe, she told us about his life, the way the VC passed out of the family and the suposed suicide verdict passed at the inquest on his death much to my disgrace I did not ask this lady her name but if she or any member of her family should have interest in this site I would like to thank her for a wonderful half hour and for bringing the history to life and convinsed me that Robert Jones died by accident and not by taking his own life. My grandson is now an avid collector of all things conected with the Regiment and its history, I think a new Welsh Warrior is in the making. Thank you to all who made the GJ such a wonderful experiance.
19th August 2002stephen george poole
i played military stratagy games since a boy..with little soldiers. airfix.
loved zulu very good stratagy.
moved to usa from england in 1994
and unable to play enough computor stratagy war games...just love them buy them all...
would really love to visit there one day.

hey just a thought to some one with connections,
have a reactment of the battle at the drift...not so many zulus thou ...
any on interested???
17th August 2002Lynne Hadley
Hi everybody,

I've been "meandering" through the guestbook this morning, and can't tell you how interesting it is! While I don't have a connection to the action at Rorke's Drift, I do have a family connection to the South Wales Borderers (ex 24th Foot). My husband's grandfather, Edward Hadley, served with the Borderers prior to moving to Canada c.1913, where he trained troops (he was a Battery Sergeant-Major) with the Canadian Expeditionary Force following the outbreak of WWI. I am desperate to find any information at all on Edward. I believe that he returned to England at some stage, but fear that this is just one of those family legends, that have no basis in fact. His family broke up prior to his alleged return, and his children were eventually taken into care - which makes it very difficult to track his movements. However, given that there are so many of you who have some connection with the Borderers, I am hoping that you may have some information on this man. Cheers, Lynne.
14th August 2002Andy Lee
A top class site - keep up the good work.
3rd August 2002Martin Everett
For Rick Hogan,
Everyone seems to be looking for link with RD. Perhaps you are related to Sergeant Major William Edmund Hogan of the 2/24th. he was there from 23 Jan 1879 until mid April 1879.
2nd August 2002john mazzy
I wish i was related to these people. Everyone else is. Im going to start looking too.
1st August 2002Alf Askin
Very compact, informative site on Rorke's Drift. I have learned a lot more about the battle and family life of the lads there. Keep it up.
1st August 2002Bill Allen
Hi! My parents named my first name after C. William Allen. I already had the last name. They say there is a slight chance that im related to him. Ive been doing resarch for a while. I can see that im close to him as we are both brave. Infact i even got hurt in the left shoulder one time. Im going to start looking again. Cheers all and keep up the great work!
1st August 2002HEATHER
PAUL HOOK - I can only access internet via the workplace which does not require e-mail facilities, however, Maureen will keep me informed of any new developements. If you highlight her name on previous messages you will find her e-mail address already printed for you.
1st August 2002RIck Hogan Jr.
I have been here more than once now, and I must say with great respect for some reason the site improves! This site has given me the motivation to write again. I was experiencing a dry spell with no creativity pouring forth, but now i have writen a plethroa poems and prose that I perform at a local coffee shope. One of which is about the men at Rorkes Drift.
As always it is a pleasure for me to come here and find something new on this website.

Health, Wealth and Happiness to you all
repectfully yours,
RIck Hogan Jr.
31st July 2002paul hook
missed off the front of email its [email protected] ( silly me )
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