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7th May 2002Gordon Allen
I understand that I am related to Corp. William Allen (Great great grand son) so I was interested to read about this part of history.
7th May 2002dan/infantary solider serving in germany with duke of wellingtons regiment
brave men hard times how strong we are. low in numbers we have overtaken the zulus victory is ours. we are the british army
5th May 2002DAVID KELL
I am a serving police officer with the Metropolitan police service. My colleages and i through our hard work have found the lack of respect from the public towards us and people (old and young) who have fought for this great country very upsetting. Your web sight has gone a long way to reasuring me that what we do IS worth while and it makes me proud to be British. Thank you and keep up the good work.
3rd May 2002richard stevens
i am 16 years of age and have always had an acute
interest in british military history, i would imagine stemming from the countless times i watched the film "zulu" when i was younger. this site is extremely interesting, particularly when you compare the characters in the film to the men who actually fought all those years ago
2nd May 2002Sergeant Major Phillip Richardson
My origins of pride are found in my heritage, my heroes and my country. I am proud to be of Welch ancestry,American birth, and a Professional Soldier.
28th April 2002Frank Hall
Lots of information. Very interesting and moving.
25th April 2002HEATHER
MAUREEN - Got your message 25/4 about Hook's past and present family members. Will do printed list. If you still have my 'phone number please leave address so I can send to you.
I would like to thank this site for connecting me with previously unknown family members. Hope some more make contact.
23rd April 2002Tim Lewis
I would like to say how very inteesting your site is and that the bravery of the soldiers at Rorke's Drift will never always be remembere. I have been interested in the Zulus for about 10 years and this site has everyhting about both the battles. Thankyou
Tim Lewis
21st April 2002David Shergold
It appears that my great great grandfather John Shergold survived Rorkes Drift. Any information would be most welcome
19th April 2002mark hibbert
hi thank you very much for this a 14 year old boy you wouldnt expect me to be interested in this kind of stuff but thanks to this web site it has widened my knowledge of the whole situation.
14th April 2002Gary Walker
Wondeful! I really enjoyed this site. I have just finished watching both, Zulu, and Zulu Dawn, although in not in this order. Great films.
9th April 2002Kenneth A Lukaxzewski Sr
What a wonderful site. I have been intrested in the Zulu wars for more than 20 years. Thank you for creating a living memorial to those brave men at Rorkes Drift. Their heroic actions will go on and inspire those who are in uniform all over the free world.
9th April 2002Kenneth A Lukaxzewski Sr
What a wonderful site. I have been intrested in the Zulu wars for more than 20 years. Thank you for creating a living memorial to those brave men at Rorkes Drift. Their heroic actions will go on and inspire those who are in uniform all over the free world.
9th April 2002Lindsay Jones
As far as I can work out Private John Williams was my great. great uncle. So it is a wonderful treat to run accross this site. I had no idea what he looked like. Very moving to have a face gaze accross the centuries at you!Thanks for setting it up.
7th April 2002dick albert
being a australian vietnam vet, it shows me how brave these men were, it makes me feel humble regards dick
5th April 2002tom hunt
i am 16 years old, and have been fascinated by the zulu wars since watching the film zulu as a kid, i never really knew anything on a factual level about the battle, but now i do. thankyou very much for this site, im sure that the men who actually fought in the zulu wars and battles would be pleased to know that their memory lives and that they have not been forgotten.
5th April 2002paul mussen
This was taken from the belfast telegraph 1936.
The death took place on sunday at his home 22 dundee street (shankill rd) belfast of MR.RICHARD MUSSEN,who saw active service in the zulu war.The late MR MUSSEN,who was in his 76th year,joined the Royal Inniskilling fusiliers (27th Foot),at the age of 15,and on the outbreak of the Zulu War three years later volunteered for active service.He was transferred to the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers (24th Foot),and was one of 65 survivors of that regiment which held the position at Rorke`s Drift against repeated Zulu attacks.In 1880 he was invalided home.On the outbreak of the Great War he joined the 9th Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles (36th Divison),and with him went his four sons and two sons in law. He was drafted to home service, and after being stationed at Ballykinler and Clandeboye was put on munition work. Full military honours were accorded the funeral, which took place this afternoon at the city cemetary. If anyone has any information regarding the above please email me.
5th April 2002Thomas Witting
Internet at its best! Makes one wonder what these brave men on both sides at Rorke's Drift would have thought about beingt immortal in cyberspace. Thank you for a great site, greetings from Finland.
2nd April 2002Chris Downey
an inspiring site, and a great source of historically correct information about Rorke's Drift. The de Neuville oil painting is in the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra and due to its staggering size is also truly inspiring.
31st March 2002Joseph James King
I have my great grandfathers SouthAfrica service medal. He also was Joseph James King. He was in the 2/21st Royal Scots Fusiiers.If anyone might have information please e-mail me.
27th March 2002Sj
The film Zulu is one of my favourite films of all time. And I've always wondered how much of it was based on real fact. Thanks to your brilliant site I'm finally finding out about that.
26th March 2002Dean Edwards
Excelent site. Ive decided to expand on my companies Zulu War range, because of this sites inspiration.
21st March 2002Dale W. Jowell
An excellent sight. I wish there were more like it. Keep up the good work.
Does anyone know of a source for a video copy of "Zulu Dawn" or better yet one on DVD?
From the United States,

19th March 2002Robin Hickman
What an excellent site.
I have visited the grave of Pte.Henry Hook on a number of occasions, and have made one visit to the grave of Lt.John Rouse Merriott Chard. Your site has inspired me to make visits to as many as the other VC graves as possible.
17th March 2002John Thompson
One of the most intresting and well thought out websites I've encountered. Packed with usefull and historical information and its good to see the real men behind the movie.
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